Who We Are

Room 19 are a class of 5 year old who have just started school.
Check out what we have been up to.


Johnathan's Last Day in Room 13

Today was a little bit sad because Johnathan is leaving us to go to a new school.  Mrs Forbes brought us some cake for his last day with us
We hope you have fun at your new school Johnathan.


Making Gingerbread Men

We have been reading the fairytale of 'The Gingerbread Man" so the other day we made some.
It was lots of fun and they tasted delicious.


Christmas Carnival Day

Here are some snippets of our fantastic Carnival Day we had on Monday. It was a fantastic fun day with lots of activities and a special surprise at the end.

Junior Prizing - Item

Here is the Year 1 item for our Junior Prizegiving.


Manaiakalani Film Festival

Here is our movie for the Manaiakalani Film Festival. It is titled

"Watercress Tuna and the Children of Point England School."

We got the idea for our movie from a story we read by Patricia Grace called "Watercress Tuna and the Children of Champion Street". It is about an eel who goes to different children's houses and gives them something that relates to their culture that makes them want to dance.
Check out Room 13 and Room 14's version.

We chose this story to make our movie about because at Pt England School this year our Makerspace teacher has been looking after a container of eels.


Bubble Making

Rooms 13 and 14 made bubbles. We had to go over to the Team 4 block because it was drizzling but it was still lots of fun. We had to cooperate and share. We think we did a great job. 


Get Yo Body Movin'

Team One have been doing a team rotation on Friday afternoons. We get mixed into different groups then each week the groups rotate around to a different activity with a different teacher. Here is a snippet of some of the activities we have been doing.