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Room 19 are a class of 5 year old who have just started school.
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"Manners" - Our Manaiakalani Film Festival Entry.

Last term in literacy we were looking at some important people and events in history and the impact they have had on the world. We looked at Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela, and events such as the Springbok Tour of NZ. A message that came through what we were learning, was that people are equal. We shouldn't discriminate against others just because they are different. We used this as the theme for our rap rewriting the lyrics for the song "Manners" by Chiddy Bang.

Manners Room 20 from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.

There is no one like me
Th-th-there is no one like me, like me

Ma-ma-manners take a second look and you'll see (hey we pretty much amazing)
There is no one like me [x2] (mind your manners)

And all the people should be raising their hands up
Work together make sure that you stand up
I never thought I would be able to shine out   
           But believing in me took away my doubts
Yeah I be keeping it true as long as I could ‘made me feel brand new
Like, like how cool are we
You gotta be like Martin Luther King
Don’t get rejected, be your yourself be accepted
I have dream I can shine like a beam
Of light.  Tell a hater think of better
Don’t put us down but mind your manners

Manners take a second look and you'll see (and you'll see)
There is no one like me (like me)
Th-th-there is no one like me (like me l-l-l-l-like me)

Manners you better reconsider (consider)
Cause you will never do better (do better)
There is no one like me, like me (there's no one like one) (shouts)
(See this is etiquette right here)

Badabababab badabababa (mind your manners)
There is no one like me

Look at Mandela
From South Africa, Was a black lawyer
A surprise WALA And he fought for rights
For equality
Became president, stopped inequality
He helped to show us
How not to be a coward
Their view’s  not true
A stereotype that’s skewed
There’s not any proof
So why not be politeful. Without racism
The world would be delightful

Work hard, you want to make your Mum proud
Everybody is the best let me advise you
Why because I’m feeling incredible
You can achieve anything you set your mind to

I am inspired by people with integrity
People who are honest and speak truthfully
So tell a hater  think better
Don’t put us down but mind your manners!

Manners take a second look and you'll see
There is no one like me
Th-th-there is no one like me

(Mind your manners)


Early on we used this animation Ms Squires found online as the motivation for writing a narrative. It demonstrated really well the structure of a narrative, with an orientation, the building up of events to a climax and then a solution. As it had no dialogue it also illustrated for us how to show emotions, and thoughts through actions and expressions, and to try and use these descriptions in our own writing to make it more effective.

Here is an example written by Setafano and Tevita

The determined boy was dangling from the icy mountain. As he approached the tip of the mountain he pulled himself up with all his might. He was relieved that he had achieved his goal. As he arrived at the main entrance of the dojo, he was shy and cold. All of a sudden a creepy old man opened the door. The man with a penetrating stare glared at the boy,s making the kid scared.  The boys asked if he could come inside, but every time he knocked on the door the mischievous old man told the boy to go away.

The boy felt disappointed, his shoulders and head fell. The second time it happened his mind told him that the master did not want him at the dojo, so he turned and left But then he felt that had to prove himself. So he busted the door down and wanted to have a showdown with him. The master pointed again. This time he saw the sign, “USE THE SIDE ENTRANCE” He felt ashamed when he saw the sign. He was just embarrassed. The End!

MTV's of Different Eras

Our first creative strand task was to make an MTV of a song that was from a particular era.
James, Crusader, Starford and Kingston made an MTV for the song My Girl by the Temptations in the 1960's.

My girl - Temptations from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.

Camera Angles and Shots

Apologises from me (Ms Squires) for getting behind in updating our class blog. We have been making some great movies this past term so I will try and share some of them.
Our focus for the term was looking at events throughout history as it is our school's 60th anniversary. We had a focus on the arts so were trying to show what we learnt through movie making and song writing.
For our immersion week we looked at different camera shots and angles to try and improve our movie making. In groups using either the still cameras and videos we had to try and incorporate all the shots we had learnt about.
Here is an example by Mary and Asena

and another example by Jayden, Khi Khi, Kyal  and Zyrin

Jayden, Zyrin, Kyal and Khi Khi from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.


Super Sandwich Ad

In week 2 we had to think up a recipe for a super sandwich. We had to research our ingredients to see whether they were healthy or not and then we got to make it. All of the groups in the class made 4 of their sandwich recipe on the same day. All of the sandwiches got cut up and tasted by the others in the class. After we had tried 3 to 4 sandwiches we filled out a survey to rate whether they were tasty, healthy and original. Finally the last part of the task was to make an advertisement trying to convince others that our sandwich was the best to buy.

Raenan, Waata and James were the first to finish their ad. We think they did a pretty could job trying to convince us. Their movie was funny and well filmed with lots of different camera angles. Well done boys.
What do you think?

Raenan, Kingston, Waata & James Sandwich from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.


Will.i.am's Message

Will.i.am had such a powerful message for us all that it we thought you might like to hear the whole thing. It was really inspiring to hear how he managed to become successful by keeping hold of his dreams, through surrounding himself with good friends with similar dreams and aspirations.

Here's the link to the news item on Maori TV.


Will.i.am and the Koha

Will.i.am and the Koha by Roezala
Today the one and only, music sensation Will.i.am came to our school for a very special assembly. The students at our school screamed and cheered, while the media recorded every little bit.. All I could think about was, "WOW Will.i.am is it really  him?" Just one of the people I aspire to be like was in our very school hall. The very talented man donated $100,000 to our Maniakalani cluster . The Media were all here trying to catch a glimpse of the man himself.

Will.i.am was introduced by the kapa haka group then the senior hip hop performed their hearts out. He stood up and gave us a speech about him and a little about his background.  He told us why he was donating money to Maniakalani. It was to make scientists , electricians, mathematicians and any thing you really want to be.

The koha was presented by will.i.am to several students in the Maniakalani area. He got a koha back - a pounamu which is green stone

His speech was inspirational choose your friends wisely. They will help you to become who you want to be in the future. And remember also that family is really important.

I was so happy Will.i.am my hero came to our school donating money to our cluster and just being here. This made my day.


Fiafia by Rita

Just The Beginning (Fiafia Night)

Fiafia night. The one night where all cultures from Samoa and Tonga, right down to Bollywood and Asia get the awesome chance to perform their very own cultural and unique dances. But guess what! At Pt England School we did exactly that. We had an awesome fiafia night, that started off with laughter, smiles, hugs, food, and fun. That transitioned into cultural performances, on going cheering and support from the audience. And finally more hugs and kisses and farewells as it was the last day/night of the Term.

For the past few weeks our individual groups had to practise our items at least twice a week. And just knowing that tonight all of that hard work would be unleashed on stage in front of all of our (aiga) family and beloved ones, was just amazing.

The night started off with an awesome note. All us girls Ata, Shoal, Brooklyn, Ash and I walked around to each stall that were set out in the courtyard. Everywhere I looked I saw food. And it was such perfect timing, as I was on a diet at the time. But that diet went away just as soon as I saw the sausage sizzle. It was so funny because when I got to the stall I didn't feel as hungry any more. So Shoal, and Ash bought themselves a drink each.

We then carried on knowing that soon Mr Burt would ring the bell, buzz the beeper, and then tell all the students that it was time to go and get ready into our performance costumes. Not to mention, all us girls happened to be in the same awesome, amazing group. The Niuean group.

The bell then rang and everyone was yelling and running, just as well as the parents. Wishing their children good luck and all. I turned to reality and realised that me and Brooklyn had to be heading off to our first group. Kapa-Haka. We were fortunate enough to be participating in two groups. But it was all about hard work and effort in the time of practises we had in each cultural group.

We then headed off to the Library where our group was based. We reached there and had to search for our name tags on a certain piupiu, and dress. I was extremely ecstatic, and couldn't wait to get into it. Then as soon as I did I felt the rush start to kick in. I stared out the window and saw a lot of the other groups already sitting down. I easily recognised the Niuean group with their giant bushy hairs. Everything and everyone looked perfect. Then with in a split second I clicked back to reality. I looked at my group and knew we were going to rock that stage.

I then glared out the window once again the seats started to fill, and so did the nervousness in my heart. Everyone had their piupiu's on. The girls with their moko's, and the boys with their energized pukana's. It was time to shine. My heart pounding. My palms sweating. My mind thinking to hard on the negative, when I should be focusing on the positive. Brooklyn and I faced each other and exchanged the most biggest boldest pukana's we could ever give. Our faces showed pride, and so did our heart.

As the head of the line I had to move in first. The stairs were approaching me. Or shall I say, I was approaching the stairs. I turned my head to the audience and saw so many shaded heads. I could only hear voices, shouting, all one word description. I could hear ongoing cheering as Mr Burt, Vivienne, and Gabriel welcomed on stage the Senior Kapa-Haka group

Fiafia By Kingston

Fiafia 2013

"And now we have the group from the Rock of Polynesia", announced Gabriel. As soon as I heard that, I was ready to Rock 'n' Roll.

As the conch shell blew, eight fierce warriors approached the stage, and the crowd became silent. Those warriors shouted out "Koe kau ne hau, koe kau ne hau", meaning "the enemy is coming, the enemy is coming". Then a group of girls followed with a loud "Talage ke hau, talage ke hau", meaning "tell them to come, tell them to come". From then on the Niuean group rocked the stage.

As the performance went on, it made me feel that we were the best group. I wondered what the crowds response was. I reckon that the Niuean haka set the bar for all the other groups. We were loud and strong.

I was the leader of the Niuean group. I reckon I did well, and I felt proud of myself. After the performance I knew that my family were proud of me. The whole team did well, and I think it was cool that my mum and Ms Lavakula could take the whole group and teach us the actions and songs.

All the other groups did well but I still think we were the best!!


3 P's

This term we looked at the Treaty of Waitangi. The treaty was an agreement signed in 1840 between Maori chiefs and the British representatives of  Queen Victoria. The 3 parts of the treaty are Participation, Partnership and Protection.
We were given the task to make a movie that shows how these key components of the treaty are relevant to us today, and how we can use them here at school.
Here are some of our movies.

Mary and Asena 3 P's from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.

The 3p's By Britney Roezala and Moala from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.


This term in Maori we learnt a new karakia. Ms Tito gave us the task to create a digital learning object showing the karakia in Maori and its translation into English so we could then teach it to the rest of the school.
Here are some of our finished DLO's.

Frankie Lukis Logan DLO 1 from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.

Laita and raeleen D.L.O from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.


Independent Writing - Laita, Asena, Hope

For their independent writing task Laita, Asena and Hope decided to make a "How To' movie with some tips about playing basketball.
What new things do you learn?

Laita, Asena and Hope indepentent writing week 6 & 7 from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.


Auckland Blues

Last week some of our students had the privilege of spending the day with the Auckland Blues.
Here is a clip by The New Zealand Herald about the day.


Tau, Alex, Jayden and Zyrin have been making a movie to highlight why bullying is not a good idea.

Tau, Jayden Idependent from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.

Roezala, Mary, Asena Britney and Moala have created a movie about kickboxing, cricket and netball. Check out what they have got to share with you.


Week One Movies

In  the first week of term we made movies about some of our goals and aspirations for 2013.
Here are a few of them.

Some More Poems

Some more of our poems.

By Brooklyn

By Gabriel
Here is my poem about myself. Also my self portrait I drew in hyper studio.

By James
By Kendrix

By Lukis

By Melvin


Class of 2013

Room 20 2013 have been writing poems about themselves and creating self portraits to illustrate them. Let them introduce themselves to you.







My Self Portrait & Poem.