Who We Are

Room 19 are a class of 5 year old who have just started school.
Check out what we have been up to.


Last Week GFG Film Festival

Last week on Thursday we had a go for green film festival
challenge and and the last 3 winners movie will be
shown at the prize giving today on Thursday the 11th of
December 2008.
When we got into the assembly
we got to watch 32 movies. While we were watching the judges were
Mr Burt, Mr Jacobson and Mr Munick.

The Recyclerators. 'Go For Green'


Zone Touch.

On Wednesday the Pt England touch team went to verse other schools at Dunkirk reserve.We were waiting for our rides to come and pick us up. By the time we got there we were the last school to get there we had to sit on the ground and listen to a teacher from Glen Brae to explain the rules. So first up we challenged G.I primary we all were ready to go then we started. The 1st try was scored by Jonty. When Jonty got a try his supporters were cheering as loud as a lion roaring. The other schools we challanged were St. patrick's,Glen brae,Tamaki primary and G.I primary.We played rough as if we were a bunch of tigers playing tiger war. When Misi sored a try he dived like he was diving in a pool of water.


Manu Samoa Boy at the Olympics (aka MSB)

Room 15 have been learning all about the Olympics and studying different athletes because our task for this term is to write a speech. When some of the children are struggling to get this task completed Manu Samoa Boy saves the day!!!

Manu Samoa Boy's Flying Disaster (aka MSB)

In room 15 we have been writing scripts, acting, filming and making animations for our latest movie. It is all about a super hero Manu Samoa Boy (remember we met Manu Samoa Girl at the Immersion Assembly). Unfortunately MSB has a nasty accident and loses his power to fly.
Watch how room 15 help him out.


Flight of Room15 Term 3

Room15 have been studying flight have been working very hard! Each day a reading and maths group get a turn on the computer and have had great time making keynotes. They were all very cool and they all had to have at least more than two flying objects. We even got to label some of the flying and floating objects. So here is some of the stuff that we got up to and we hope you enjoy it.

Flight by Leoden

Flight by Kezia


A Load of Rubbish

The Kowhai reading group in our class have made a digital still animation of a play they have read called A Load of Rubbish by David Hill.