Who We Are

Room 19 are a class of 5 year old who have just started school.
Check out what we have been up to.


Celebration Movies

Here are some more finished celebration animations that we have been working on this term. They show diferent celebrations that we have gone to.


The Edublog Awards

The Edublog Awards 2009 are open for nomination!

This is our chance to nominate and celebrate

Here are the categories, we would like to nominate the following individuals:
Best Teacher Blog Award: Room 10 Pt England School (Priscilla Lavakula)

Best Class Blog Award: Ka Tangi Hoki Ko Au Room 15 Pt England School

Best Student Blog: Ala's from Room 15 Pt England School

Best Individual Blog: Manaiakalani Dorothy Burt
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This term our e-learning task was to illustrate a celebration we have been to.
Here are some of our finished movies. See if you can figure out what is being celebrated.


Film Festival

Today we are off to Tamaki College for our cluster schools Film Festival. The whole of Point England school are walking down at 9 o'clock for our viewing of all the movies.
It should be great.
Here is our movie we made for it.


Food, Glorious, Food

This term we are learning about celebrations around the world. We are comparing the similarities and differences of these celebrations and in particular looking at what food is eaten at these celeebrations. Our topic is called Food, Glorious, Food and our focus question is, "How does food enhance a celebration?"
On the first day of the term we had our Immersion Assembly where the teachers all got dressed up in costumes relating to the topic. We have been writing about what happened at the Assembly. Here is a recount by .


More Animations

As promised here are some more of the fairy tale animations room 15 have been working on this term. Although they are only 1 or 2 minutes long, a huge amount of thought and work has gone into them with some of our hyperstudio stacks having more than 150 slides!!!

For our topic we had to make an animation about Cinderella . If you don't already know, this is a story about a girl called Ella, two evil stepsisters, a malicious stepmother and a prince. Does it have a happy ending or not. Lets find out. I hope you ENJOY!!!


Fairy Tale Animations

Room 15 have been working extremely hard on creating some realsitic animations retelling our favourite fairy tales. We have been looking at trying to convey much of the plot through the dialogue between characters. Here are the first two finished animations which were shown on P.E.N.N. (our school T.V show) today.

Rumpelstilskin by Lepa and Crew

The Gingerbread Man by Jephte and Crew

Week 7's Duffy Winner/Post of the Week

Our Duffy Winner of the week was Toreka for her fantastic recount of the Cross Country race.
Because it was such a great recount it is also our post of the week. If you want to read more of Toreka's wonderful writing click on her name and it will take you to her blog.

The Ultimate Race

Jittery and jumpy, I lined up with all the other competitors. Shivers slithered down my spine. I hopped up and down full of nervous excitement. Quickly I shut my eyes and took a deep breath. “You can do this,” I whispered in my mind.

All of a sudden the clappers sounded and there were flailing arms and legs everywhere. Everyone was jostling for position, wanting to win first place. “Bajeebas, they’re fast!” I whispered to myself. I felt like my legs had turned into jelly, so wobbly.
“Come on Reka! You can do it!” said a voice in my mind. “Doesn’t matter where you come just be proud of yourself.” I had no idea who that was but it sure encouraged me.

As I passed a corner, and then another my muscles ached and mud was squelching under my feet. “You’re really close, don’t give up now,” I murmured to myself. As I gasped for breath I kept asking myself, “Am I able to continue?” My arms felt tired out, my eyes felt like they were burning.

Before long I spotted the finish line and powered ahead wanting to complete the race. I panted and wheezed as I crossed the finish line. It felt like I couldn’t breathe or feel my legs. Coming 6th didn’t matter to me. My task for this year’s cross country was to be able to complete the race no matter where I came - to be proud of the fact that I had finished it with perseverance.

By Toreka


Duffy Winner

Lasts weeks Duffy winner was Tule
she won the award for trying hard in her writing.
By Seini-Mino and Reina from the room 15 class blog committee.


Flower Poem

PicLit from PicLits.com

Flowers standing tall like soldiers guarding a castle.
Burgandy and orange tulips, like plums on a tree.

By Room 15
See the full PicLit at PicLits.com


Korero of Week 6

Last week in assembly we got a Korero to remember.  The Korero was "KEEP IT REALLY REAL".
We had that korero because lots of people had been keeping really real, here are some people that have been keeping it really real and why they have...

1. Tonja is one of the first person because in the cross country she ran by herself because the other times in cross country she ran with a teacher.

2. Brendan is one of the second people because he wanted to go to the Cross Country but he had go to the hospital and so what he did was he ran up and down the hospital just to participate in the Cross Country.

3.  Leoden was one of the third person because he never stopped in the cross country and kept on running to the end so he was one that kept it very strong.

4.  Ngaina was one fourth because she had done a very good job in Cross Country because she had a very positive attitude after she had finished the race.

5.  Last but not the least was Ashley because she had been training really hard for Cross Country and because she had ran after school to places.

6. And last was Dillion.

So have you been keeping it really real?    




Here is a Piclit piece of poetry written by Mubasshira

PicLit from PicLits.com
See the full PicLit at PicLits.com

The cute dog stands and barks at the
beautiful clear blue sky,
feeling the warmness on his fur.

Marven was lasts weeks Duffy winner for determination and perseverance in Cross Country.
By the room Fifteen Class Blog Committee Reina and


Chicken Poem

PicLit from PicLits.com
See the full PicLit at PicLits.com

The Top Blogs Of Week 6!

  • If you like reading fairytales, you're in luck Ala has rewritten her own Hansel and Gretel.
Matthew has also written about Micheal Jackson, The King Of Pop.   We hope that you will enjoy these posts.

Once upon a time there once lived a woodcutter that lived with a cruel stepmother and two lovely children. The two children's name
were Hansel and Gretel.One day a famine hit.  After the famine hit they became really really poor and only had enough food for a couple of days.But one night in their dimly-lit cottage the malicious stepmother came up with an evil plan,clutching each other Hansel and Gretal over heard whisperings from the kitchen.The cruel stepmother said in a growling voice,"Tomorrow at sunrise we will take Hansel and Gretal to the enchanted forest and abandon them for ever, hahahaha!"she said.  Gretal started to cry and they started to tremble with fear.The father felt shame and remorseful because he couldn't stand up for him self.  In the dark moon-lit night, Hansel jumped out of his bedroom saying,"Ouch Ow"as he walked on the stoned footpath.  He hastily gathered shiny white pebbles and heard a cackled sound,"Who's there?"

Made heaps of albums
Is the best singer to me
Career was very good
He is a very talented singer
Always the king of pop
Entertains the crowd
Loves every single one of his fans

Join him and be a fan of him
Always remember him because he died
Cry is one of his best albums
King of pop
Singing is his thing
Of course he is one of the best singers in the world
Never backs down from singing 
Thank you to the website for this photo.


Hansel and Gretel

This is a small part of the story "Hansel and Gretel"retold by Room 15. We have been learning new vocabulary and ways to make our sentences and paragraphs more interesting for a reader. We used what we had been practising to write this together.

Suddenly the evil witch captured Hansel and thrust him into a tiny cage. “Let me out!” pleaded Hansel, but to no avail. The witch just cackled, “Hee hee hee. I’ve been looking for a boy like you. Eat up. I want you to become plump and appetising for my feast.”
She handed him a plateful of delectable and scrumptious sweets and pastries which Hansel was unable to resist.

Some weeks later the hideous witch approached Hansel in the cage. With a sly grin spreading across her face she snarled, “Hold out your finger you little rat-faced weasel to show me how fat you’ve become.” But despite quivering with fear Hansel had come up with a cunning and clever plan. He held out a scrawny chicken bone to show her knowing that she was gullible and had failing eyesight.
As the witch grasped the chicken bone she shrieked, “Blast! You’re even skinnier than before.”

This Weeks Poem.

Our poem for this week is one written by Judith Viorst titled "Since Hanna Went Away"

Photo: flickr.com/photos/sfllaw/1326490541/


Writing Site

I have found this site which can help with your creative writing. You choose one of the photos as inspiration then using the pool of words provided can click and drag to create your own thoughts about what's happening in the photo. If you want you can also write freely instead of clicking and dragging. Have a play with it if you like. Our sign in is room15 @ptengland.school.nz
You are also able to share what you have created on your blog by copying and pasting the scripting.
Here is my attempt. Ms Squires

PicLit from PicLits.com
See the full PicLit at PicLits.com

Why don't you have a go. Just click on the photo then go to "New Piclit with this photo" then from there you can start creating or can change the photo then start creating.


Zone Soccer

On Wednesday at eleven o clock the under10s and over10 soccer team went to Dunkirk park to play for the zone soccer. They had lots of fun playing soccer unfortunately they did not win the whole of their soccer games but at least they had fun. The hardest team for the under 10 were Tamaki Primary.

The next friday the school had an assembly and when the soccer team's went up on stage Matthew got the player of the day certificate and for the overs it was Jonty. That day they played very good and they worked hard thats how they got player of the day. 


Immersion Assembly by Sylvia

As I walked into the assembly hall it was like I had stepped into a fairytale book. I saw all the teachers dressed up in fairytale costumes, I was getting confused. The person I was most shocked at was Mrs Nua she was dressed as a sympathetic fairy godmother with a wand as well.
Suddenly Mr Burt came walking in and yelled out"Has anyone seen my beautiful princess"? All the kids replied back"NO". He was holding a glass cup pretending it was the glass slipper and was dressed in a green and white funny costume with white and black shoes. He told all the teachers to come on the stage.

The teacher I loved the best was Ms Vaafusuaga she was dressed as Puss in boots . She had boots, hat and was dressed in black. She looked cool. It was amazing she even spoke the kind of language that Puss in boots spoke.

My next favourite teacher was Mrs Nua she was really pretty, she had a fabulous and
beautiful dress and her hair actually matched her clothes. She had a wand and she looked magical and mysterious.

It was an awesome immersion assembly, one I would never forget. I feel very happy about this terms topic 'The Art in Storytelling'. It is really cool that we are learning about fairy tales more and more. I love it.

Earthquake Info.

The extension group were lucky enough to have a video conference with a well known New Zealand geologist the other day. The were able to ask many questions about earthquakes and found out a lot of information. They wrote about their experience on their blogs. Here is Selena's recount.

In the morning the whole extension class had a video conference with a famous Geologist named Hamish Campbell. We were talking to him about the earthquake that happened in Fiordland this year. To prepare for our conference with Hamish Campbell, we made Seismometer.

He told us that it happened at 9pm and it was on the 16th of July. On the north island the Pacific plate was going underneath the Australian plate , but on the south island the Australian plate was heading underneath the Pacific Plate. It lasted 30 seconds and no one was killed, but it was measured by a Seismometer and it measured 7.6 in magnitude , the biggest earthquake worldwide in 80 years.

Speaking of earthquakes I am going to tell you about an earthquake that happened in China in the city of Tangshan in the year of 1976. It lasted 15 seconds and it killed 242,000 and around 50, 000 people were injured. It was recorded as 7.8 magnitude. The reason that so many people die in earthquakes is because they are really dangerous because they happen so fast and they do not have warnings like for e.g Volcanoes , and Tornadoes. Other kinds of disasters have warnings.

The facts that I mostly liked was when Hamish Campbell told us that in the earthquake was felt in New Plymouth. Another fact that I want you to know about is that the Plates that are covering New Zealand are not in a circle shape they are in any different shape.

Last term we were learning about Dinosaurs and Joan Wiffen was part of our important project but just today Hamish just told us that she passed away. She passed away on Tuesday at the Hastings Hospital.

Thank you to Diana Grace and the Te Papa Museum. Huge thanks to Hamish Campbell.
To find out more try clicking on any of these links:

Seismometer: A Seismometer is a instrument that records the intensity of an earthquake.



These are some of the blogs you might want to go on because these are some people that have been working so hard to get people interested in there work well finally they have managed to do it. (Chosen by Mubasshira and Toreka; Class Blog Committee)

Firstly you might want to go Angela's blog, she has been writing about how she loves to go to church.  Maybe you might like to share your thoughts with her.

At church I love learning about God he is the one special person that gave me this day to live he gave me a lovely  spirit. He heels a lot people so does his  his son Jesus. God was the one  that made this beautiful world for us. Come  and join me so we can be a follower of God. I love praying and talking to God,  some priest say that the answer to your prayer is in the bible.The bible tells us about the history back when Jesus was alive. We also learn about the bible in CRE Mrs Clark runs ir for us. If you want to find more information don't go on the internet go and read the bible that would be a fantastic thing to do.  Don't forget to visit my blog agian Thank You. Thank you very much for this beautiful photo.

Secondly we recommend you go to Joshua`s blog

Hi there I am here to tell you some
important news you have to do before an
earthquake/During an earthquake/And after an earthquake.

Well first of all before an earthquake get ready and hold on to something so that when the earthquake comes you know what to do.

During an earthquake get under something and hold
on tight such as a table , your bed and all other stuff.

After an earthquake quickly check if anyone is injured or hurt
and if they are quickly call your nearest
hospital.  Turn off any fire,gas or any fire equipment.

This is Joshua reporting  for safety.

I'm out.


Immersion Assembly

We have been learning and practising some new vocabularly. These are some of the words we have been learning. (If you click on the word it will take you to a dictionary to find the definitions of them)


consumed by jealousy


Room 15 has so many enthusiastic bloggers it's hard to choose those to be our bloggers of the week. Nevertheless we have had a few who have worked exceptionally hard and have been the lucky ones to get to choose a skin or bling for their blogs.

Erene has been publishing some wonderful writing. Here is a piece he wrote about a road trip with his family. If you want to read the rest of his story click on his name to take you to his blog.


On the second week of the holidays my Mum, my Dad, my little brother, my little sister and I went in a car for a road trip, we went from Auckland to Rotorua. We left our house on Tuesday and it took us about 2-3 hours to get there. On the way we saw heaps of trees and that reminded me about how we all breath fresh air from the trees. As for other countries, it's really hot and you could get really sunburned. In other countries they can hardly breath because of all the pollution in the air. Pollution is when; not many trees are around, there are heaps of people living in that country, or that there are many factories around the city making clouds of smoke in the the air.
When we got to Rotorua it smelled like rotten eggs and my dad said that was called sulphur. We had already checked in online and all we had to do next was get our card, take in all our luggage and think of what plans we were going to do next. The Hotel we checked in was called Rydges. We all decided that we all should go swimming of course because if we would vote in our family about which town is the best to go swimming at... we would choose Rotorua.
We went swimming at about 7-30 and swam for 1-2 hours. I backstroked really well and I also freestyled really well, but the swimming style that I'm not quite good at is breaststroke. I haven't practised that style so that not why I'm good at it. I met a friend and he said he likes to breaststroke. So he told me a few tips and I learned quite a lot from him.

Sylvia has also been working hard. Here is an acrostic poem she has written about the Megalosaurus.


BoldMegalosaurus is a meat-eating dinosaur.
Enormous dinosaur that hunts for meat.
Gets up straight away and runs for it.
Away it goes sprinting for his meat.
Large and huge.
Over and under it goes to chase it's dinosaur.
Saurichian and lizard-hipped.
Allosaurus and Megalosaurus fighting and biting.
Under hiding so his enemy does not see him.
Running to catch it's prey.
Under already dead dinosaurs.

Toreka has been doing some wonderful writing. Here are her thoughts when she found out Michael Jackson died.
If you want to read some more of her great writing click on her name.

Man in the Mirror

This evening we watched the news and I was saddened. The news reporter said that Michael Jackson has passed away. The news reports told me about how young he was when he became famous - 10 years of age - my brother's age. Also that he kept changing his face as he got older, his Dad and all the many concerts they had to do as children. He was an extremely talented musician as well as a very good - actually excellent dancer. My favourite song of his is Thriller. My Dad likes it so much he knows the whole routine. He taught me the moves so now I know it.
I was very very sad when I heard this. To me there will never be another MJ.

Cruz went to see the Warriors at the GI Courtyard. He is telling us about what happened. If you want to read the rest of his story click on his name to take you to his blog.

The Famous WARRIORS at the GI Courtyard

On Wednesday 22ND of July the Vodafone WARRIORS came to the Courtyard in GI. They were walking around and people would go up to them and say "Can I have your signature?" Then more people came it was heaps of fun. The DJ said "O.K. Don't forget we will be giving away this beautiful jersey signed by all of the WARRIORS" (To your right) It had everyone in the Vodafone Warriors' signatures it looked cool.

You should also check out KPE to listen to some podcasts Jarna, Mubasshira, Selena, Toreka, Angela, Ala, Seini-Mino, Joshua, Erene, Matthew and Lepa have been recording. They are about books they have read by New Zealand authors.


Blogs of the Week

This week we think you should check out Matthew and Lepa's blogs.
They have been working really hard on them and because of this Mrs Burt has let them choose new skins for them. They are both keen rugby league players and wrestling fans. They have been writing about some of their rugby and wrestling heroes.

Ala has also been allowed to choose a new skin for her blog as she was our best blogger last term.


Dinosaur animations

Here are Room 15's title page animations they have been working on for their information stacks about their chosen dinosaur. When they are complete these information stacks will show what their dinosaur's different body parts were for, what its habitat and diet were like and how it became extinct.
Keep watching this space.



This term (Term 2) Room 15 are learning about Dino-Might, this is all about dinosaurs. They are discovering about different kind of dinosaurs.

The main things they need to find out is what period they lived in (Triassic, Jurassic, Cretaceous), what they ate (Plants or meat) and how many legs they stood on because some dinosaurs stood on 2 legs and some on 4 legs. The dinosaurs that walked on 2 legs had a tail because the tail helped it balance.

This year room 15 has been learning lots about dinosaurs they are doing reports to go with a dinosaur they have partners in doing a dinosaur each group gets a dinosaur each to do a report on.

By the end of the term I think we will have a huge paper of dinosaur names and millions of dinosaur facts.


Camp Animations

Aidan really enjoyed the kayaking at Camp Aratika
Here's his animation to show you what it was like.


Statue Challenge

In week 6 we had a challenge to see who could make the tallest tower out of newspaper, 3 pieces of card, sellotape and string. We had lots of fun but it wasn't as easy as it would seem as most of our towers didn't remain standing until the end of the challenge, toppling over instead.
Have a look at what went on and read some of our recounts of the event.


Our holiday recount animations

This term we have been busy making animations to illustrate recounts we have written about our holidays. Here is a link that will take you to Ala's recout and animation about her holiday in Australia.
Ala's Australian Holiday

Jarna's Holiday

Toreka's Waiwera Holiday

Jordan's Holiday

Week 5's Duffy Hero

For Week 5 our Duffy Book Winner is Tule for an excellent effort at improving her swimming. Well done Tule.

Splotches Group- The Little Yellow Bulldozer

Here is a play by the Splotches reading group. It is from a book they have been reading.


Rugby League World Cup

Last Friday we had a special surprise.It was Keith who was connected with the Rugby world cup champions the,KIWIS!!!!.He told as about the history of the world cup and about how the Kiwis successfully won the world cup!!!

Cooperative Challenge

BubbleShare: Share photos - Play some Online Games.

BubbleShare: Share photos - Easy Photo Sharing

Last week on Thursday
Ms Squires took us out for a game in the hall. When we went went to the hall she said that it was a co-operative game so we had to work as team. When she choose the captain she choose Angela,Ala,Reina,Erene and Seni-mino we had a fun time I hope you play a cooperative game during the year bye.

Week 3's Duffy Book Hero of the Week

This week our Duffy book hero was Jordan. Jordan got his certificate and book for being a super blogger and for writing loads of comments for other people about their blogs or podcasts.
Great work Jordan.


Snowy Gets A Wash

Our Stories

We washed the teddy-bear. I was putting the water into the bucket.
By Junior

Today we washed Snowy in a red bucket. Snowy was too fat. I squeezed the teddy-bear.
By Johnathan

Today we washed our teddy-bear. We put soap and water in the bucket.
By Tonja

Today we washed Snowy. I squeezed out the water.
By Dillion

Today Snowy was getting dry.
By Troy

By Sosaia


Welcome to Room 15

Well the holidays have just flown by and I can't believe that tomorrow is already the start of a new and exciting year for a bunch of new Room 15 children. I can't wait to meet you all. We've got loads of exciting things to do so I hope you're all feeling as refreshed as I am after a relaxing holiday.
I've read lots of amazing books over the break and I've got a few good ones to read to you that I think you'll really enjoy. I've have also just finished setting up all of your blogs so be thinking about some of the things you have got up to these holidays because all your readers and I are looking forward to hearing about some of your activities.
Ka kite apopo. (Ms Squires)