More Animations

As promised here are some more of the fairy tale animations room 15 have been working on this term. Although they are only 1 or 2 minutes long, a huge amount of thought and work has gone into them with some of our hyperstudio stacks having more than 150 slides!!!

For our topic we had to make an animation about Cinderella . If you don't already know, this is a story about a girl called Ella, two evil stepsisters, a malicious stepmother and a prince. Does it have a happy ending or not. Lets find out. I hope you ENJOY!!!


Mrs. Barks said...

Hi girls!

I'm always amazed when I see student's animated work!! Fantastic job! I especially liked the ending!

Mrs Samuel and Room 12 said...

Hi Girls, I am Miss Ross from Riverina School.

Hemi from my class likes the way you made the people move so smoothly.

Trae really likes how professional your backgrounds are - did you really draw them yourselves?

Alexander thought the writing you put in your animation was really cool!

Eilis liked the voices and the music you used.

Well done - you are all stars! Keep it up.

Love Miss Ross and the Room 12 bunch!

Mallory Goldammer said...

Hello girls!
We are graduate students from Pacific University in Forest Grove, Oregon. Our names are Sherilyn and Mallory. We just wanted to say that we think your animations are amazing and very creative! It must've been a very long process for all of you to go through and you all must feel very proud of your work! We really liked how you picked the most important parts of the story and also made us wonder how it would end. Keep up the good work! :)

-Sherilyn and Mallory