Fairy Tale Animations

Room 15 have been working extremely hard on creating some realsitic animations retelling our favourite fairy tales. We have been looking at trying to convey much of the plot through the dialogue between characters. Here are the first two finished animations which were shown on P.E.N.N. (our school T.V show) today.

Rumpelstilskin by Lepa and Crew

The Gingerbread Man by Jephte and Crew


Karen Melhuish said...

Well done, all of you. I really enjoyed these stories and I will be showing them to other teachers who are trying to improve their students' reading and writing, too. Keep up the good work!

Sela said...

Hi there Lepa, Jephte and the crew,
For Lepa and his crew I really liked your graphics and voice overs. The graphic that I like the best was the one of the baby. I think it was very cute!

For the Gingerbread Man animation I also really liked the graphic of the fox. It looked very realistic. I think that it was really clever the way that the fox's body was only showing its body parts that were out of the water!!

Anyway that was great and so I hope you guys keep up the great work!!


Sylvia ad Tule said...

Hi Jephte

Your animation is really cool and your pictures a fantastic I wish my animation was like your one.

Keep up the great work!!!
From Sylvia and Tule!!!

Delwyn Jarman said...

Dear Lepa, Jephte and Crews,
Wow! You are like professional animators. Both the movies were really captivating for the audience (me). You managed to tell the stories clearly with only a few words but very meaningful graphics getting to the essence of the ideas. I really liked the look on the fox's face when he snapped up that biscuit boy! Love from Mrs Jarman