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Room 19 are a class of 5 year old who have just started school.
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Outta This World

Room 14 have been imagining that we live in the future. Something terrible has happened to Earth which means we need to leave Earth in a spaceship to travel through space to a new planet in our solar system. Many have imagined that in the future though aliens from other galaxies have discovered our galaxy which adds an interesting twist to the task of finding somewhere else to live.
Check out some of the movies we have been making.



Here is one of the movies we entered into the Creative Commons Competition. The movies could only be 90 seconds long with credits added so we adapted the one we made for the Manaiakalani film festival Stayin Alive.

Creative Commons License
Fire Safety by Room 14 Pt England School is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.
Based on a work at pesroom15.blogspot.com.

What Makes A Champion

Here is our movie we entered into a competition. It is from last term when we were studying the Rugby World Cup because it was hosted here in New Zealand. We wanted to find out what it takes to become a champion.

Creative Commons License
What Makes A Champion by Room 14 Pt England School is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.
Based on a work at www.blogger.com.


Staying Alive

Here is our movie that was shown at the Manaiakalani Film Festival on the biggest screen in the Southern Hemisphere. We hope you enjoy it and learn some important fire safety tips as well.

Stayin Alive Room 14 from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.


Immersion Assembly by Esrah

From Immersion Assembly Term 4 2011

As soon  as I walked in to the hall for immersion assembly I giggled at Mr Barks. He was wearing a freaky alien mask. Suddenly the screen caught my attention as it said “Outta This World.” It had  planets surrounding the words. So I knew we are learning about space this term.
In an Immersion Assembly the teachers in every team have an item to perform. My favourite was the team my mum was in her because her team did a rap about planets. It was funny because they didn’t say a word, all they did was dance like a robot. It was really  clever!    
“Team five,” Mr Burt announced .  I thought it would be a play but guess what! They stuck their heads on to the characters of the actual Star Wars movie. Did you know that Mr Harris was Princess   Laia and Mrs Nua was Luke Skywalker?
I think that I would be good at learning about space.My favourite  planet is Saturn. Can’t wait till we learn about it.


Maths Whizz Certificates

Cross Country by Shayne

Waiting with excitement for our cross country race, I was jumping up and down like a crazy monkey in the jungle. It was the 10 year old boys turn to run. Mr Burt said “On your marks, get set go”. I sprinted as fast as I could and I was coming first but sadly Lorenzo and Wyatt dashed past me like Sin Cara from The WWE. I could hardly see them, they were fast.

Eventually I ran on to the bridge where Ms Squires was right in front of me taking pictures of us. I tried saying “Hi Ms” but I was to fatigued to say anything. A quarter of the way I really thought that I was going to collapse. The track was so rocky.

While Anthony was jogging past me he caught up to Lorenzo and Wyatt. As soon as I rounded a corner this man said “Guess what your half way”. I felt like I was blessed.

Suddenly one of the shells nearly tore my shoe at the bottom. Luckily I've got shoes on." I thought to myself. Finally we turned around for the last stretch at the reserve near Tamaki College’s Technology hall.It was so rocky it felt like I was running on a desert.

Coming up through the bush onto our school field Hossana, Marvin and I had a foot race. We were all running as fast as we could but I only came second so I was so disappointed. I said “Flip I wish I came first” Marvin interrupted “It’s not about winning you know, it’s just about having fun and you should be proud that you completed the race”. I could now finally say “Hi Ms”.


Here is a story Rauf wrote about our trip to MOTAT


George Nepia-Legendary All black

The Team 4 teachers put together this video clip for our Immersion Assembly. It's actually based on a true story (with a little embellishing)

George Nepia - A Forever Champion from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.


Maths Whizz

Here are our Maths Whizz certificates since we started the programme 2 weeks ago.

The Top 3 Achievers

The 3 Most Improved


Swimming by Porscha

While pushing off the wall, submerging under the water, I felt a shiver run up my spine.”This water is cold”I said to my self. I soon rolled to breath.While getting back into the breathing position,I accidentally gulped a mouth full of water, "Ew," I said in my head “That was gross”.

With a powerful kick I submerged under the water and sent spray flying like a bunch of fish splashing in the water.I quickly turned to my breathing position. “ I wonder if Tyla sent spray flying too.



Room 14 have been creating movies with animations and photos to let their readers of their blogs to find out some information about them. As part of this they made animations showing their hobbies. Here are some finished ones we showed on our school T.V show P.E.N.N (Pt England New Network) today.



I entered the skating rink with confidence and skillful paces. I glided gracefully at tremendous speed with the wind blowing in my hair. I was just watching Uili glide backwards across the skate rink. I was so jealous!

 Then it was time to race....”All girls who want to race, report to the skate rink,” Richard (the old man who worked there) said,or something like that! I was ready to race and I was also full of energy too.
 It was Jay-Lee,Tyla-Marie, Mary, Tui and me who was going to race.We all heard the word GO and off we went. We had to do three whole laps round the skating rink.When it was half way through, I fell and cried! I was so embarrassed! ”AHHHH!” I yelled out. My dad helped me get up and I lost the race, of course!!!! I got bumps and bruises on my legs and my butt!

 My dad said “Your OK,your OK!” so I believed him and I got back on to the skating rink!


The Picnic

While the wind was blowing and the were waves rolling at the reserve, Pt England school was making their way down to Pt England Reserve to have a fantastic picnic. Kids were playing on the beach, maneuvering around the slippery and gluggy clay and rocks, as well as trying to turn the rocks over to find the crabs underneath.

In the meantime my friend Nathan and I (Calvin) were making things out of clay like clay cannon balls and skulls. Later on Nathan and I went to have some rock melon,Nathan did not want any because he said he vomited when he ate it.

Dying to go to the toilet, the portaloos arrived and I was relieved. Then the time had come to pack up and return to school.


Christchurch Earthquake


Here is an article by Tyla from our class about the Christchurch earthquake.

 Devastating news has been confirmed  that Christchurch suffered from another bad earthquake. Although the earthquake measured  6.3 magnitude, the damages were worse than before.The last earthquakeearthquake was deeper down in the ground but this one was shallower and that’s what caused most of the damage.Since September Christchurch has been having little after shocks  until this big one.

I feel so sad sorry the kids in Christchurch that  suffer through this kind of stuff. Especially for the people who lost they loved ones and homes. May luck and hope be with them.


Haere Ra

So its haere ra to Room 15 from 2010 and kia ora to our new class for 2011 Room 14.
If you want to follow any of the children from 2010 the links to their blogs are  still displayed on this blog.

Room 14 are very excited to have their own blogs for the first time and are especially looking forward to working every day on their new netbooks. Keep watching out for the amazing writing and projects we are starting to create.