Room 14 have been creating movies with animations and photos to let their readers of their blogs to find out some information about them. As part of this they made animations showing their hobbies. Here are some finished ones we showed on our school T.V show P.E.N.N (Pt England New Network) today.


Miss G said...

I saw some of your animations today on the news. I really enjoyed seeing the amazing work you can do with your animations and being able to learn more about you all.

Thanks for sharing your learning. I look forward to reading more of your posts Rm 14 :-)

Miss G

Mrs McVey said...

Hi, I'm a teacher in Gisborne NZ. I loved watching your animations. Can you tell me what programme you used to make them. I would love to try and make them with my students:)

miracle.l said...

Wow! Man you guys have some awesome animation I wish I could do that.You guys got some amazing talent and I hope to see more from you guys and keep up the work .

Victoria said...

Hey room 14,

I really like your guys animation. It was really nice. You guys have cool hobbie. My favorite hobby is singing and dancing. I hope you guys love to sing and dance. Great work and keep it up.


Room ten said...

hi room foureen
this is Paris,Tevita,Lucy and Rowana we love your movie it was so great.
Paris,Rowana,Lucy and Tevita.

Toma shadin said...

Hi Room 14
i really really love your long animation an.I like cool pitchers an how all of yous specked clear lee .
by toma and shadin

sebastian said...

Hi room 14 i relly like your story that you said