I entered the skating rink with confidence and skillful paces. I glided gracefully at tremendous speed with the wind blowing in my hair. I was just watching Uili glide backwards across the skate rink. I was so jealous!

 Then it was time to race....”All girls who want to race, report to the skate rink,” Richard (the old man who worked there) said,or something like that! I was ready to race and I was also full of energy too.
 It was Jay-Lee,Tyla-Marie, Mary, Tui and me who was going to race.We all heard the word GO and off we went. We had to do three whole laps round the skating rink.When it was half way through, I fell and cried! I was so embarrassed! ”AHHHH!” I yelled out. My dad helped me get up and I lost the race, of course!!!! I got bumps and bruises on my legs and my butt!

 My dad said “Your OK,your OK!” so I believed him and I got back on to the skating rink!


antonio said...

hi room fourteen
awesome writing rm fourteen
the first time i went to skateland i was'nt good , but now i have improved


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Great writing i enjoyed reading you writing it was very interesting good job!
Keep up the good work!..

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