Who We Are

Room 19 are a class of 5 year old who have just started school.
Check out what we have been up to.


Christmas Carnival Day

Here are some snippets of our fantastic Carnival Day we had on Monday. It was a fantastic fun day with lots of activities and a special surprise at the end.

Junior Prizing - Item

Here is the Year 1 item for our Junior Prizegiving.


Having Fun with the Blocks

Some of us had lots of fun today with the blocks, shapes and animals. We really liked our creation.


Manaiakalani Film Festival

Here is our movie for the Manaiakalani Film Festival. It is titled

"Watercress Tuna and the Children of Point England School."

We got the idea for our movie from a story we read by Patricia Grace called "Watercress Tuna and the Children of Champion Street". It is about an eel who goes to different children's houses and gives them something that relates to their culture that makes them want to dance.
Check out Room 13 and Room 14's version.

We chose this story to make our movie about because at Pt England School this year our Makerspace teacher has been looking after a container of eels.


Bubble Making

Rooms 13 and 14 made bubbles. We had to go over to the Team 4 block because it was drizzling but it was still lots of fun. We had to cooperate and share. We think we did a great job. 


Get Yo Body Movin'

Team One have been doing a team rotation on Friday afternoons. We get mixed into different groups then each week the groups rotate around to a different activity with a different teacher. Here is a snippet of some of the activities we have been doing.


A Gift of Slippers

On Tuesday some kind person... or people donated some knitted slippers they had made for our 3 classes. We will love wearing them in the classroom. Thank you so much.

Some Things We Do in Room 13, 14 15.

Here are some of the things we have been up to lately


Alphabet Letter Songs With Actions

Here are the songs we sing with actions to go with each letter of the alphabet we learn.


A man called Cosmo and his friend Ned came to our school. He told us all about being kind to other people. Cosmo and Ned had been on a trip to Kenya in Africa and had met some wonderful people there. Ned learnt that it is OK for people and places, to be different from what we are used to. In fact he found out that it is really interesting and fun to meet new people and trying new things.
Cosmo showed us some magic tricks as he was telling us his story. Some children even won some special prizes. Paula from room 15 was one of the lucky ones. He got given some little carved wooden animals in a little bag, that were made in Kenya.
Cosmo and Ned had a great message for us and it was lots of fun watching their show.


Move Your Body Immersion Assembly

This term our Inquiry is called, 'Move Your Body'. It is all about keeping fit and healthy.
Here is the movie our Team 1 teachers made for our Immersion Assembly


Rippa Rugby

Last term Ms Squires came and watched a Rippa Rugby game some of our Year 1's play on Friday evenings.  Check out some of their moves.


Gymnastics Term 2

Last term for Kiwisport we did Gymnastics. It was great learning lots of different skills like, the landing position, tuck, straddle and pike positions. We learnt how to do a forwards roll and a backwards roll. It was lots of fun.


Matariki Celebration

In term 2 we had a Matariki day where we the whole school got to choose an art and craft, cooking or sport activity to do for the day. Ms Squires' group made plaster art.

More Marble Runs

Here are some more marble runs we made when Team 1 did a rotation looking at different simple machines.

Sometimes they didn't quite work so we had to try and think of ways to improve them.

Marble Runs

Last term we were investigating how we could make things move. Check out the marble runs we made.


Simple Machines

Room 13 and 14 had different challenges one afternoon to try and move different objects in different ways without using their hands.
Take a look at some of the ways they came up with.



Here is some of the maths we did today. Lots of counting.


Friday Rotations

On Friday Team One did something a little different in the middle block. All the classes got mixed up then we went to a teacher for our activity. Mrs Dwyer and Ms McKinlay did some art, Miss Hockley did music with the ukeleles and Ms Squires did some cooking.
Here are some pictures of cooking with Ms Squires.

Eli got his haircut

Kiwisport Week 5/6

Swimming at the G.I. Pools


Mug Muffins

The other week Room 13 made blueberry muffins in a cup.  We had to measure out the ingredients then mix them together . Finally we cooked each one for 1 minutes in the microwave. They tasted delicious.


Kiwisport Week 4

This week we tried more balancing. First we had to balance a ball between ourselves and a buddy. We had to try and sit down and stand up again without the ball falling onto the floor.
Next we had a circuit again withlots of jumping and balancing. We really liked trying to balance on the colourful snake.


Paege's New Baby Sister Scarlet

On Monday we got to meet Paege's new baby sister Scarlet when her Mum brought her to school. She was 6 days old. Paege loves looking after her.

Emmanuel's Dinosaur

Yesterday Emmanuel made a dinosaur with the blocks.  We think he did a really good job. 
Awesome Emmanuel.


Paege's Writing

Today Paege and her reading group read a story about things they like that start with the letter 'P'.  Paege decided she wanted to practice writing afterwards. Here is her hard work. Awesome Paege. 

Kiwisport - Get, Set, Go


Looking After Our School.

Pt England School is going to be working really hard at making sure our school is clean and tidy.
Each team has a day where they are responsoble for having a special cleanup. At the end of the week, at assembly, the team who cleaned up the best will be that week's winners.
Team one was first up so we did our cleanup after lunch on Friday. We think we did a pretty good job at making sure our school looked spotless. We even found some shoes and sports gear so we dropped them off to Miss Va'afusuaga and the Lost Property.


The Duffy Show

We went to the Duffy Show on Monday after morning tea. It was a fun show with a really good message about remembering to be kind to others.

Room 13's First 2 Weeks

By the end of week 2, Room 13 has grown to 9 students. Here are some of the things we have been doing.


First Day 2018

Today was Nikita, Eli, Phabalis, and Kay Soi's  first day at school. 
Check out all the different things we got up to.