Manaiakalani Film Festival

Here is our movie for the Manaiakalani Film Festival. It is titled

"Watercress Tuna and the Children of Point England School."

We got the idea for our movie from a story we read by Patricia Grace called "Watercress Tuna and the Children of Champion Street". It is about an eel who goes to different children's houses and gives them something that relates to their culture that makes them want to dance.
Check out Room 13 and Room 14's version.

We chose this story to make our movie about because at Pt England School this year our Makerspace teacher has been looking after a container of eels.


Chrissy Eadie said...

Hi Room 13. The students of rooms 19 and 20 loved all your cool cultural dance moves. Great job.

Jhyvarntreh said...

Hi room 13 I really enjoyed your guys movie nice dancing and keep it up Fafatailava.

Glennes said...

Hi room 13,
I really loved your guys movie, I really like how you guys did a lot of different island dances with it's nice moves. My favourite part is when the eel went to the kids and they took out some thing that there island use to dance with. Love the movie rm 13. Keep up the great work and looking forward to more coming.

From Glennes

Glennes said...
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Maria said...

Good morning room 13 i love how you guys were celebrating your guys cultures i saw my brother he was in the maori part he was good, and everybody else.

Christina @ PES said...
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Christina @ PES said...

Hi Room 13 I really enjoyed your movie but my favorite part was the Samoan part because I loved the moves.:)

Angel said...

Hi Rm 13
I really enjoyed your movie. But my favourite part was the Samoan part because. It funny and I also love the moves that use did. I really enjoyed your movie, And I hope other people liked it to. Keep it up and great work!!.

Ayla @ PES said...

Kia ora Rm 15 well done on making an amazing movie? I think that the eel took off out of the eel tank because he didn't want those kids to forget what they were missing. I was really inspired by what use had just created as in making a beautiful movie, one day you will all make your own creative movie's for other people to watch and be inspired of.

Ayla Lybian Taringa

Irene said...

Good morning room 13!!
I was really amazed to see all the students doing culture moves, keep up the culture moves up room 13.GREAT WORK!! Theres know favourite part because I loved all and every part of the movie.

Sheena said...

Kia ora Room 13,
I really enjoyed watching your movie.I really loved the part where all of the kids danced together.Keep up the good work!!!!

From Sheena

Fiapo said...

Hi Room 13 ,
I really like how you use Culture for this movie to express your Culture ,
I thought this movie was really interesting ,
Good work !

S. Dwyer said...

Hello Room 13 and 14.

We liked your movie about the eel because it was different. You all looked so good dancing. Thank you for making such an interesting movie.

From your buddies in Room 16

Aye Myat said...

hello im Aye myat and from pt england school the block.
i enjoyed your movie because it was great learning how you dance in your cultures.
i want to know why the tuna decided to give people stuff to dance with.
great movie.
from Aye myat at pt england school the block

Finau said...

Hi room 13 my name is Finau and i'm from the block. I loved your movie so much because you guys all danced in your cultures which looked super fun. My favourite part was when the Tongan girls and boys danced. Amazing movie.

Tisharn said...

I liked the languages because they are all my cultral heritage.
From tisharn tps

Yolanda said...
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Yolanda said...

Hello my name is Yolanda and I am in room 9 and 10 I like your movie it is great and great dancing. Great Work. where did you get the clothes from? they look so cool and I like it because they all are the cultural's and I like the songs you added in.

From Yolanda keep up the great work.

Aaliyah said...

Hi my name is Aaliyah. I am in rooms nine and ten. I really like your movie because you can get lots of stuff to do with your dancing. It was cool because you can get stuff out of the seals mouth and you can use it for your dancing and stuff like that. Your movie is so amazing great work keep it up and really good dancing.

keep up the amazing work and keep up your amazing dancing too.

Jasmine said...

Hi my name is Jasmine and I am in room 9 and 10 I liked all of the dancing and the music. My favourite part is when the eel jumped out of the tank it was so cool.

What is your favourite part in your guys movie?