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Room 19 are a class of 5 year old who have just started school.
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Christchurch Earthquake


Here is an article by Tyla from our class about the Christchurch earthquake.

 Devastating news has been confirmed  that Christchurch suffered from another bad earthquake. Although the earthquake measured  6.3 magnitude, the damages were worse than before.The last earthquakeearthquake was deeper down in the ground but this one was shallower and that’s what caused most of the damage.Since September Christchurch has been having little after shocks  until this big one.

I feel so sad sorry the kids in Christchurch that  suffer through this kind of stuff. Especially for the people who lost they loved ones and homes. May luck and hope be with them.


Haere Ra

So its haere ra to Room 15 from 2010 and kia ora to our new class for 2011 Room 14.
If you want to follow any of the children from 2010 the links to their blogs are  still displayed on this blog.

Room 14 are very excited to have their own blogs for the first time and are especially looking forward to working every day on their new netbooks. Keep watching out for the amazing writing and projects we are starting to create.