Who We Are

Room 19 are a class of 5 year old who have just started school.
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Crusader's Poem

I am a millionare dreamer
One day, I will win the lotto with my lucky numbers

I am a League Star
Best forward in my grade

I am a son
I want to make my parents proud

I am a brother
Love to make my siblings laugh

I am 11
Turning twelve this year

I am a joker
Making people laugh is what I love to do

Awhina's Poem

Ashleigh's Poem

I am the youngest out of my siblings
I like to make my parents proud.

I like to play my ukulele
but only at home by myself.

Touch is my favourite sport
I love it when I step somebody or  get a try.

I am a game freak 
I love playing strategy games and adventure games.

I love to listen to music
All of the different beats make me feel happy.

I go to church
I am a christen and I am proud to be one.

Aliza's Poem

I am a netball player 
who likes to play center.

I am a sister 
who like to chat to my brothers.

I am a a family member 
who likes to go out to dinners with them.

I am a animal lover 
who wishes for a dog.

I am a singer 
who like to liesten to music.

I am a dancer 
who likes to make up moves.

I am a reader 
who likes to read interesting books.

I am a swimer 
who likes to have races with my sister. 


Too often these days people post on pictures, information and many more things that aren't cybersmart. The consequences for this is hurting people, never finding a job and dodgy people might know everything about you. I urge you to think before you post, here are some information for the consequences. 
If you want a job in the future you would need a positive footprint. Future employers will google search your name and see all the things you have done in the past. If you have a negative footprint, like bad photos, bad comments they will defiantly not except you.
You never know that a dodgy person can connect you, show your post to anyone and to share your photo to other people. Some people put there settings on private, but are they really?
Many people have been hurt by what people say and do online. Some of the things that people say can start an argument. So if you can’t say it directly to there face then why would you say it online?
The Internet is a cool tool to use for learning, and finding out things. But if you do the wrong things on it, things can go wrong. So once again I encourage you to THINK BEFORE YOU POST!!!

Be Cybersmart


Too often these days, people post photos on face book with little thought of the consequences. WE WANT YOU...TO BE CYBER-SMART!!!

 The reason why you should listen to me is because unfortunately, in the future, you might not get unemployed because of the negative footprints that you have left behind. Because of one photo that you have posted, people might think that you have a bad background and the job might not go to you.

Another reason why you shouldn’t post up photos of yourself is because other dodgy people might pick it up and try to connect with you (in a bad way). You might think that your settings are on private, but really it is not. From one press of a button, that photo will be exposed to the world. You might have to face some serious ramifications.

 The last reason why you should listen to the man himself is because, when you talk about someone on face book dis respectfully, you are actually making them feel bad. The person that you are saying it to, might do some bad things to them selves because of what you said about them. If you can’t say it to their face, then don’t say it on face book or to anyone else.

 So I urge you to listen to what I have been saying or else you will be facing some really bad consequences. THINK BEFORE YOU POST PEOPLE.

Chante's Poem

I am a Lawyer,
This is my aspiration in life.
I am a Role model,
My younger siblings look up to me.
I am a daughter, to two very wonderful and talented people.
I try my best to make them proud.
I am a Samoan, and Tokelauan Girl,
I love both my cultures. They are very special to me and my family.
I am a Dancer, Productions for Santerelli, is what I used to do.
I am a friend,
I help my friends and classmates, also students from my school,
that need help in any sort of way.