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Room 19 are a class of 5 year old who have just started school.
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iisa said...

Hi room 14,

I didn't see the rymes! I still like your blog


Seini-Mino said...

Hello Room 14,
I really like your post about Sudden Storm. I like the way you showed the rymhing,assonance,powerful vocab and simile. I remember when I use to do that with Ms Squires in Room 15! Keep up the wonderful work room14!

From Seini-Mino

Tau said...

Hi room 14 I like the poem about sudden storms.it's a awesome blog

Tuipulotu said...

Hi Room 14

I like the way You highlighted the rhyming so the little ones can see and I also liked the assonance too. Keep up the good work room 14!


Davidm said...

Kia ora Room14

It's me David from room22
I like your post that you did on your blog it is really cool.