A Cautionary Tale

This term at our school we are learning all about Little Critters, bugs, creepy crawlies, insects, arachnids, slugs and snails. Creatures that make up 97% of the animal kingdom.

Recently at school we have also been having some major building work take place. So we decided to write a script about a cockroach called Colin whose home at school is about to be demolished. His mother sets him the task of finding a new home but there are distractions along the way.
See if you can guess what the moral of the story is.


Dante said...

Hi guys,

You were really good and did a great performance on stage. Keep up the great work.

Mrs. Barks said...

Hi everyone!

I really enjoyed seeing your movie on the big screen. You should be very proud of your efforts...your movie was entertaining, and taught a good lesson!

Anonymous said...

I've catching up on your blog while I've been at home. I liked that your film had a moral and your filming was impressive Room 15!

PS I hate roaches!

Ms Mackinlay

Room Nineteen said...

Kia ora Room 15. Yay... we loved 'Colin the Cockroach' (R.I.P) Your movie was awesome. I really loved the camera shots along the ground, under the chairs, in the playground and on the floor of your classroom... very clever indeed. Next time I see a cockroach I will think twice about killing it NOT! Fantastic work Room 15 and Ms Squires for a wonderful job!

Room 10@Pt England School said...

Hi Room 15,
You and your teacher have done an amazing job making this movie. We liked how the camera showed the view of a cockroach on the ground. Your animations were very detailed and it made us laugh when Rita got her jandal and squashed poor Colin!

From Miss Lavakula and Room 10

Mrs Lagitupu said...

Hi Room 15

Poor Colin! He should of listened to his mother. Great movie. I loved the camera shots along the ground. Keep up the good work.

Jayden said...

Your movie was very funny and taught us to listen to teachers and mothers.

jovhan said...

Hi guys

I think your movie was awesome.I hope you will enjoy
reading this comment.

Little Voices, Little Scholars. said...

Hi Room 15,

What a great story! We think it's entertaining even though we never got to see it on big screen.

Mrs She and Room 7.

Talanoa Mai said...

Hi there Room 15. I really enjoyed your movie. The storyline was very funny - and of moral of the story! You made me imagine what life might be like for the cockroach. I nearly felt sorry for them...and that's hard for me because I've never like cockroaches. Keep up the creative work Room 15. Looking forward to what you will be up to next year. Maybe a movie from Bernard the Bee's perspective?
Mrs Tele'a