Immersion Assembly by Esrah

From Immersion Assembly Term 4 2011

As soon  as I walked in to the hall for immersion assembly I giggled at Mr Barks. He was wearing a freaky alien mask. Suddenly the screen caught my attention as it said “Outta This World.” It had  planets surrounding the words. So I knew we are learning about space this term.
In an Immersion Assembly the teachers in every team have an item to perform. My favourite was the team my mum was in her because her team did a rap about planets. It was funny because they didn’t say a word, all they did was dance like a robot. It was really  clever!    
“Team five,” Mr Burt announced .  I thought it would be a play but guess what! They stuck their heads on to the characters of the actual Star Wars movie. Did you know that Mr Harris was Princess   Laia and Mrs Nua was Luke Skywalker?
I think that I would be good at learning about space.My favourite  planet is Saturn. Can’t wait till we learn about it.

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