Rugby League World Cup

Last Friday we had a special surprise.It was Keith who was connected with the Rugby world cup champions the,KIWIS!!!!.He told as about the history of the world cup and about how the Kiwis successfully won the world cup!!!


Unknown said...

Awesome - I am so glad you posted this on your blog because I missed out on seeing this assembly.
Mrs Burt

Room 9 @ Pt England School said...

It must have been awesome to see the World Cup. It's big isn't it? It's the biggest cup I've seen. I missed out on seeing this at assembly too. Have you seen our post where we went to the museum to see it?
Miss Lavakula

M Webb said...

What a great video effort. I think that NZ Rugby League have done a great job of making this available to Schools to promote it. I was also happy to see Mr Burt in the background. Would it be okay to put a classroom link to your page on our site? Leave us a comment if that's alright.
Mr Webb and Room 8, Melville Intermediate, Hamilton, New Zealand.

eLearning said...

WHAT a great win over the 9 time league champions Australia.
Well done to all the wonderful superstars of the match for working together as a team .
You guys rock!!
That was a great well sorted game plan.
Great work New Zealand Kiwis you guys rock.
Last word I'm going to say.