Snowy Gets A Wash

Our Stories

We washed the teddy-bear. I was putting the water into the bucket.
By Junior

Today we washed Snowy in a red bucket. Snowy was too fat. I squeezed the teddy-bear.
By Johnathan

Today we washed our teddy-bear. We put soap and water in the bucket.
By Tonja

Today we washed Snowy. I squeezed out the water.
By Dillion

Today Snowy was getting dry.
By Troy

By Sosaia


Unknown said...

Love your picture story Splotches. Over the years I have washed lots of my children's soft toys. But last weekend I washed my big daughter's wedding dress and I had to do it in the bath because it was so big. Then I had to call the family to help lift it out because it was so heavy when it was wet. I thought at the time I should have been videoing it and now I am sure. I should have published my own photo story like you did!
Well done
Mrs Burt

eLearning said...

Great story Splotches. It looked like you had lots of fun.
From Room 15