Immersion Assembly by Sylvia

As I walked into the assembly hall it was like I had stepped into a fairytale book. I saw all the teachers dressed up in fairytale costumes, I was getting confused. The person I was most shocked at was Mrs Nua she was dressed as a sympathetic fairy godmother with a wand as well.
Suddenly Mr Burt came walking in and yelled out"Has anyone seen my beautiful princess"? All the kids replied back"NO". He was holding a glass cup pretending it was the glass slipper and was dressed in a green and white funny costume with white and black shoes. He told all the teachers to come on the stage.

The teacher I loved the best was Ms Vaafusuaga she was dressed as Puss in boots . She had boots, hat and was dressed in black. She looked cool. It was amazing she even spoke the kind of language that Puss in boots spoke.

My next favourite teacher was Mrs Nua she was really pretty, she had a fabulous and
beautiful dress and her hair actually matched her clothes. She had a wand and she looked magical and mysterious.

It was an awesome immersion assembly, one I would never forget. I feel very happy about this terms topic 'The Art in Storytelling'. It is really cool that we are learning about fairy tales more and more. I love it.

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