These are some of the blogs you might want to go on because these are some people that have been working so hard to get people interested in there work well finally they have managed to do it. (Chosen by Mubasshira and Toreka; Class Blog Committee)

Firstly you might want to go Angela's blog, she has been writing about how she loves to go to church.  Maybe you might like to share your thoughts with her.

At church I love learning about God he is the one special person that gave me this day to live he gave me a lovely  spirit. He heels a lot people so does his  his son Jesus. God was the one  that made this beautiful world for us. Come  and join me so we can be a follower of God. I love praying and talking to God,  some priest say that the answer to your prayer is in the bible.The bible tells us about the history back when Jesus was alive. We also learn about the bible in CRE Mrs Clark runs ir for us. If you want to find more information don't go on the internet go and read the bible that would be a fantastic thing to do.  Don't forget to visit my blog agian Thank You. Thank you very much for this beautiful photo.

Secondly we recommend you go to Joshua`s blog

Hi there I am here to tell you some
important news you have to do before an
earthquake/During an earthquake/And after an earthquake.

Well first of all before an earthquake get ready and hold on to something so that when the earthquake comes you know what to do.

During an earthquake get under something and hold
on tight such as a table , your bed and all other stuff.

After an earthquake quickly check if anyone is injured or hurt
and if they are quickly call your nearest
hospital.  Turn off any fire,gas or any fire equipment.

This is Joshua reporting  for safety.

I'm out.

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