The Top Blogs Of Week 6!

  • If you like reading fairytales, you're in luck Ala has rewritten her own Hansel and Gretel.
Matthew has also written about Micheal Jackson, The King Of Pop.   We hope that you will enjoy these posts.

Once upon a time there once lived a woodcutter that lived with a cruel stepmother and two lovely children. The two children's name
were Hansel and Gretel.One day a famine hit.  After the famine hit they became really really poor and only had enough food for a couple of days.But one night in their dimly-lit cottage the malicious stepmother came up with an evil plan,clutching each other Hansel and Gretal over heard whisperings from the kitchen.The cruel stepmother said in a growling voice,"Tomorrow at sunrise we will take Hansel and Gretal to the enchanted forest and abandon them for ever, hahahaha!"she said.  Gretal started to cry and they started to tremble with fear.The father felt shame and remorseful because he couldn't stand up for him self.  In the dark moon-lit night, Hansel jumped out of his bedroom saying,"Ouch Ow"as he walked on the stoned footpath.  He hastily gathered shiny white pebbles and heard a cackled sound,"Who's there?"

Made heaps of albums
Is the best singer to me
Career was very good
He is a very talented singer
Always the king of pop
Entertains the crowd
Loves every single one of his fans

Join him and be a fan of him
Always remember him because he died
Cry is one of his best albums
King of pop
Singing is his thing
Of course he is one of the best singers in the world
Never backs down from singing 
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