Statue Challenge

In week 6 we had a challenge to see who could make the tallest tower out of newspaper, 3 pieces of card, sellotape and string. We had lots of fun but it wasn't as easy as it would seem as most of our towers didn't remain standing until the end of the challenge, toppling over instead.
Have a look at what went on and read some of our recounts of the event.


Room 9 @ Pt England School said...

A great movie Room 15 did you have to bring in your own newspaper? Who won the challenge in the end?

Miss Lavakula

M Webb said...

Room 15 I can't believe how high some of those towers got! They touched the ceiling! It was exciting to see them get higher and higher, and although one or two didn't make it everyone most have ended up very excited by the activity. We've done the same thing with straws and the kids loved it! We also did a similar task with newspaper where students had to build a bridge and support the weight of as many Maths text books as possible! Wonderful to see the students so engaged in their learning.
Mr Webb and Room 8, Melville Intermediate, Hamilton, Waikato.

Room 15 Pt England School said...

Hi Miss Lavakula

Thank you for commenting on room 15`s blog. We didn`t need to bring our own newspaper it was Ms Squries newspaper. Everyone has forgotten who won the challenge because that was such a long time ago but if we found out who won the challenge we will surely tell you.

Thank you

Room 16 said...

Hello Room 15. We have just watched your tower making movie. We made some towers too. We found it difficult as well, ours kept toppling over too.

We enjoyed the movie because we could see all of your class working hard. Good team work!
Room 16

Awhina said...

Hello room 15 great tower making. We did one and we found it very difficult because it kept on tipping over.Great team work!