Film Festival

Today we are off to Tamaki College for our cluster schools Film Festival. The whole of Point England school are walking down at 9 o'clock for our viewing of all the movies.
It should be great.
Here is our movie we made for it.


Sylvia said...

Hello Room 15

What a good Idea for a movie. Flying around to diffrent countries and see whats happening there. I really like the Thanksgiving food! I didnt know really anything about the Chinese New Year. You guys done a really good job. Well Done.
From Sylvia and Seini-Mino

Mrs Tele'a said...

Malo lava Room 15! Oka se manaia! Malo Selena ma Toreka. Well done Room 15. You were one of my favourite movies today. You were all so entertaining. Jordan and Marven - you looked like real Rock Stars! The way you were playing the bass guitar Marven - sensational!! I loved how you mixed in a lot of different things not only to entertain us but to also inform us. Very clever idea! Keep up the great work team!
Malo lava
Mrs Tele'a

Mrs Tuala said...

Talofa lava Room 15,
Well done and congratulations for an amazing movie. Fantastic acting and dancing by all the students, your awesome teacher cleverly mixed a music video and learning documentary into one movie...amazing! I know alot of time and effort has gone into making your movie, so you should all be proud of the end result.

I conducted a movie review in Room 9, and guess what?? Majority of the class choose Celebrations as their favourite movie...cool aye!
Enjoy the rest of the term,
Love Mrs Tuala and Room 9

Room10@Ptengland School said...

Well done Room 15,
I loved watching your movie. It was great to see all the different celebrations you have learned about so far. Jordan S and Lepa, you made me laugh. You were all fantastic! The birthday party at the end looked like lots of fun. Keep up the great work.

Miss Lavakula

Jarna and Jessica said...

Hey Room15

Your movie was cool and we thought that you should have won the film fetival if there was votes.Our favourite part was when you flew in the areo plane. Keep up the great work

your sincerely Jarna and Jessica

April Rm17 said...

Hey Room 15

What cool costums you guys have you have cool dancing and auting lepa talking was so good.


Mrs Burt said...

Awesome work Room 15. You truly have reason to CELEBRATE! That was a stunning movie to showcase your learning at the cluster film festival.
Every part of the movie was great - but the acting skills of so many of you really shone through.

Nga Kaituhi o PES said...

Hi Room 15,
Well what can I say - I absolutely loved your movie it was very entertaining and a great way to share your learning. I thought the acting was wonderful. It looked like you had a lot of fun creating this!!
Can't wait to see the next one!
Mrs Nua

Chante said...

Hey room 15 your movie was fantastic.I can tell all of you put a lot of hard work into that movie. Keep it up!!!!!!!! Chante

jessica said...

hey room 15
that was alsam film that your Did???
well done?

Eli said...

We all enjoyed your video because it was very entertaing and it was funny. I also really liked the music in your video. That was a great idea for a video,flying around different countries and seeing whats happening there. I really like eating thanksgiving food! You guys did a really great job in your production. Good job guys!

Miss Garden said...

I really liked the way you showed your learning in an entertaining way Room 15. I didn't know the origin of Thanksgiving, you have obviously been doing some research.

Mra Sigamoney TIS said...

Hi Room 15
This was a brilliant movie. You guys are so talented. Your movie was informative and entertaining. Beautiful faces and stunning costumes!

Mrs. Barks said...

Wow Room 15! I was blown away by your movie! The acting, the dancing, the information about celebrations...all so terrifc! I was really entertained for the entire three minutes. Well done!

Little Voices, Little Scholars. said...

That was so cool cool! I love it totally! You are so talented and entertaining! Thanks for making the Film Festival so interesting!

Mrs She.

Miss Paton said...

Hi Room 15,

We liked your movie. We liked listening to the Celebrations song. You are great at dancing. We liked your wigs.

From Room 3 Panmure Bridge School

spx room6 said...

Great room 15 I really liked
your idea of the movie.
I'd like to see more of your class movies. See you at the next film festival.

Aaron and Vandross
Room 6 Literacy

vivienne said...

Hi Room 15
Great movie. I love the way you added some intereting detasl on the background for your movie. Also I love your cool costumes too.

from Vivienne

Trae said...

Wow did you guys have fun filming. I feel a bit jealous, I wish I could do something like that.

Hadi said...

Hi, my name is hadi I liked your jamaican mon and how is that cool moves and singing going on

Hadi said...

Man you guys are good and i feel bad I want to do something huh well sorry but at least I like it I got one word huzzah!!!

Hadi said...

Hi you guys have the moves what kind of singers are MJ or something and man you are so good say hi to your guitarist

Hadi said...

Hi you guys have the moves what kind of singers are MJ or something and man you are so good say hi to your guitarist

Alex 2009 said...

HOW did you do that

Hadi said...

Hey I got a joke what did the little kennel say to the bigger kennel your too young to be outside

Room14 said...

Hi Room15,

Crack up movie.Lepa had an amazing and funny voice.What are you doing MUN?Nothing would be better than to fly to different countries.I would really appriacite it if I could go to Samoa.Ka pai tamariki.

From Kayde.

Joshua,Aidan. said...

Hi Room15,
Nice movie you've got there
well we helped a little.
it was cool seeing your movie.
keep up the good work.

Uili said...

Hi Room 15
Wow! I realy liked White Sunday because I'm Samoan too. My favourite part is when you had a birthday party.

from Uili

Aidan said...

Hi room 15
I liked your movie it was very cool
and funny.
What I liked about the movie was
the birthday party.
nice work room15 keep
up the good work.

from Aidan

Tevita said...

Hey what a great movie and i liked it when you were funny you look like real rock stars and the song you put together with your movie.

Anonymous said...

Hello Room 15,

I really enjoyed your movie. It was colourful and vibrant. Your contribution to the film festival was absolute joy to watch.
Especially with the acting and dancing. Well-done everyone!
This inspires me to hopefully produce a brilliant movie for my future class.

Taulagi Teleso said...

Hello Room 15,

The comment from annoymous was from me.

Keep up the wonderful work.

Keren said...

Hi you guys did a fantasticmovie i wish I came to your school.


Sia said...

Nice one Lepa I can reconise you with your fake dread locks wig



Edwina said...

Hi Pt England and Mrs Tele'a I thing your school is having fun and I miss yous and tell Toreka I miss her and maybe your school is a Rock Stars but I thindg that yous are enjoning your new school. Miss Tele'a I thing your having a great day a your old school and thank you for your help and have a geat day.