This term our e-learning task was to illustrate a celebration we have been to.
Here are some of our finished movies. See if you can figure out what is being celebrated.


Mr Palmer said...

Hi Room 15, I liked your animations and the clever way you made some of the motion seem realistic. The picture of a person chewing by moving the mouth around was simple but very effective, well done that person. I really liked the picture of the baby stealing the piece of cake and the way that you made the baby's mouth look like it was covered in chocolate.

Moala and Hayley said...

Hi Room 15,I like how you drew the cake and colours in the pitures.It was very cool to watch your movie and keep it up by Hayley and moala.

Room16 said...

Great movie it reminded me about my birthday when I turned 3 years old. Ka ki te!!!!!!

From Joseph

Room16 said...

Wow Ala I like the way you covered the baby's mouth with chocolate and also how you made the chocolate cake. So it was a 3rd birthday and I really liked it. I like your animations.

From Elizabeth.