Dinosaur animations

Here are Room 15's title page animations they have been working on for their information stacks about their chosen dinosaur. When they are complete these information stacks will show what their dinosaur's different body parts were for, what its habitat and diet were like and how it became extinct.
Keep watching this space.


Room 15 Pt England School said...

That was a good story room fifteen I really liked it.
I liked all of them but If I had to chose someone I would go for Joshua's because his extinct part was so cool.
But I steel liked all of your's
From aidan

Room 15 Pt England School said...
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Waata said...

Hello Room15

I like it how you guys made the body parts move, it looks so cool

From Waata

Room 13 said...

Hello Room 15. Cool animations! You certainly know a lot about the different dinosaurs. What is your favourite dinosaur?

Room 13

Potaua said...

I like the picture you use. Cool animations i like how you made the dinosaurs look real with the real dinosaur sounds.

Room 9 Grey Lynn School said...

Hi There
I really liked your dinosaur Joshua. I enjoyed the movie.
From Madeline

RRWagner said...

I love the animated movies! The artwork is very original and I'm looking forward to seeing more HyperStudio projects!