Blogs of the Week

This week we think you should check out Matthew and Lepa's blogs.
They have been working really hard on them and because of this Mrs Burt has let them choose new skins for them. They are both keen rugby league players and wrestling fans. They have been writing about some of their rugby and wrestling heroes.

Ala has also been allowed to choose a new skin for her blog as she was our best blogger last term.

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Unknown said...

Congratulations Room 15 bloggers! It is great to see all the writing and other aspects of your work that you share. You have a good reason to be proud of what you have been doing. I really enjoyed helping Ala, Matthew and Lepa add some 'bling' to their blogs on Friday. I hope that some more of you will have made extra effort this week so I can help some other people in the class. I will be happy to see those three back again though as there is lots more 'bling' out there we could add to their blogs yet.
Mrs Burt