Manu Samoa Boy at the Olympics (aka MSB)

Room 15 have been learning all about the Olympics and studying different athletes because our task for this term is to write a speech. When some of the children are struggling to get this task completed Manu Samoa Boy saves the day!!!


Russell Burt said...

Malo lava R15
I thought Manu Samoa Boy was magnificent. It made me very proud in front of our visitors from around NZ. I thought the way you got each of my korero in was really great. I thought your acting was clever and funny and I really liked the way that the twins were both Helen T. Very clever!
Well done you guys!
Mr Burt

Mr T said...

Wow! That was awesome Room 15! Episode 2 of The MSB Adventures was definitely worth waiting for. You better watch out...I reckon someone might steal your brilliant idea so you should maybe look at copyrighting the MSB concept?? Great storyline, great acting and great effects & animations. I have already watched it about 3 times! I can't wait for the next episode and what the situation is going to be that our favourite superhero is going to help sort out.


dianella stewart said...

Wow, you guys in Room 15 rock!
That was awesome, funny and entertaining!Loved the acting guys, the animations were pretty cool too!Keep up the great work!

What can we expect next?

Room 18 said...

Hey Room 15

Great blog and you have some awesome movies.Hope I get to see some more of you guys.
Keep the great work up and hope to see some of your 'Go for Green' work as well.

Room 18