A Load of Rubbish

The Kowhai reading group in our class have made a digital still animation of a play they have read called A Load of Rubbish by David Hill.


Korero Pt England said...

Hi Room 15

I have just watched your play again and I loved it. I enjoyed the different voices of the actors and the art work is great Sione. Good on you for sharing it with the world on your class blog.
Isn't David Hill such a good writer. Did you know he writes books as well as plays and we have some in our school library. If you open your iTunes you will see some podcasts kids have done of his books on KPE.
eg Episode 43 "No Big Deal"
Episode 79 "Getting Board"

Mrs Burt

charlotte said...

Hi Room 15

I have just watched your play "A Load of Rubbish". I thought the art work was very good Sione. So good I wondered if it was the original art work in the book!

The voices of the characters were also very good. Look forward to seeing other work from you again

Mrs Sorenson

eLearning said...

Very good backround and detail Sione and good voice overs Kowhai group man I have never seen a rubbish bag that messy.Looking foward to some more good work from the Kowhai group ph and nice and funny voices rubbish men.

Fom Tanielu

Room 18 said...

Hi Room 15

I really enjoyed watching your movie on PENN. I thought it was fantastic and very cleverly presented. I loved the voice overs and graphics.

I also thought that your movie about 'Manu Samoa Boy' was awesome because you guys were able to explain the principles of 'flight' in an interesting way. Way to go Room 15!

Mrs Lagitupu