Last Week GFG Film Festival

Last week on Thursday we had a go for green film festival
challenge and and the last 3 winners movie will be
shown at the prize giving today on Thursday the 11th of
December 2008.
When we got into the assembly
we got to watch 32 movies. While we were watching the judges were
Mr Burt, Mr Jacobson and Mr Munick.

The Recyclerators. 'Go For Green'


eLearning said...

hi jacob that was pretty cool you worked hard to get an award jonty well done

from ngaina

room 15

eLearning said...

WOW that was great your beat box was mean and all of yous were great from tevita

Room 18 said...

Hey Room 15

I enjoyed watching this movie. I loved the cool track and beat boxing. It was pretty exciting to watch. Well done on winning an award for it at prize-giving.

Mrs Lagitupu

eLearning said...

Hi Tyler R here i enjoyed macking that movie Jonty Zane Jacob .To bad Brendons not here to enjoy it.

eLearning said...

wow i can't believe this movie is still here this is a great movie