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Room 19 are a class of 5 year old who have just started school.
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Tau, Alex, Jayden and Zyrin have been making a movie to highlight why bullying is not a good idea.

Tau, Jayden Idependent from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.

Roezala, Mary, Asena Britney and Moala have created a movie about kickboxing, cricket and netball. Check out what they have got to share with you.

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Sharon Fryer said...

Hi I really enjoy looking at all your blogs. I teach at Totara Grove School in Whangarei in a Year 3/4 class, Room 7.

Your blogg was especially awesome because my clever nephew Zyrin was in a video on bullying. Ka Pai Zyrin it is awesome.

I am just learning how to blog and am in the process of setting up our first blog. I think I could learn alot from you as your blogs are all so very cool.

Happy Easter to you all.

Regards Sharon Fryer