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Hydroslide- (A Show Not Tell Paragraph)

I rambled about before I walked up the stairs. As I stared down at the people on the ground they looked like ants. “My turn,” I said with a cheeky grin on my face, full of excitement.

I propelled down the dim, dark tunnel full of swirling cold water. It felt as if a river had taken hold of me. Suddenly I heard a very high pitch scream, at that moment I knew it was Selena H (my friend) coming down behind me. The water twisted and twirled me around as it doused my face. Then I saw a light coming towards me, could this be the end of my journey down this tunnel full of water? It was. As I was emerging out, the water greeted me with a smash in my face.

By Mino

Twisting and turning down a pitch black tunnel I was trying to sit up. As I went around a corner I slipped making me slap my face on the bottom. That felt really sore. After zooming and sliding down rapidly I finally made it to the bottom of the slide with an almighty splash. When I opened my eyes all the water was swirling at the bottom.

By Awhina

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Katrina PES said...

hi i really love your hydro slide story it was so cool reading. But to be honest it was sorta boring but it was a grate story to read.

Your Friend Katrina...