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Empathy - By Lesieli

Empathy what does it mean? 
At first I thought that Empathy means the same as sympathy but after doing some research I found out that Empathy means being a good friend, trying hard to understand another person's feelings and emotions, and being able to recognise what they have been through.

In our school we have a number of morals and one of them is, "Put Yourself in Their Shoes." Empathy is exactly like that moral. If somebody is alone, (at school,  outside of school or just anywhere) make them feel comfortable. Just like most people say, 'Treat people like you wanted to be treated'.

What can I do to show me being empathetic? Empathy won't tend to work it you just stand there staring at a lonely person. No! You have to put your words in. Say 'Hello' take that person and play with them.
Empathy just won't work if all you tend do is gossip and stare at the lonely person. Your mouth was made for good things to come out of it. So if anyone is lonely imagine what would like to be that person, you wouldn't want to be like that so be kind and be a good friend.

And that is an example of what empathy is!

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Leka said...

Hi my name is Leka

You are right it is good to show empathy around others