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Room 19 are a class of 5 year old who have just started school.
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Here's a movie made by Mikaiah and Christian illustrating something about empathy.

Mikaiah And Christian Empathy Movie from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.


Mrs Hoegen said...

Dear Students,
Well done on the 'Empathy video" A strong message delivered in a powerful video.
Mrs Hoegen
American school of Paris
Grade 5 teacher

Anonymous said...

Great video! Great topic! What was your motivation for creating this?

Mrs Tele'a said...

Hello Mikaiah and Christian. Thank you for sharing your animation. It has a very clear message. I have been reminded of the importance of taking time to stop and talk to people. To check if they are ok and if not - do what we can to help them. You are right - the simple action of including someone can help them feel better. I look forward to your next animation and message.

Serenity said...

Nice good Video next can you do a a song if you can :)

hazel said...

cool movie big kid

Tiari @ PES said...

I love it form tiari