Who We Are

Room 19 are a class of 5 year old who have just started school.
Check out what we have been up to.


Day One

Today was our first day at school. 

Here is Cing Cing and her Dad

Here is Bentley and his Dad and Nana

And Bentley with his Mum.

Here is Raphael and his Mum and Dad and baby brother.

Here is Kiko and his Mum and Dad.

Here is Mele and her Mum.

Here is Brooke and her Mum.

Here is Bonnie with her sister Amelia.

And Flynn with his Mum.

Look at what we got up to.  

First of all we had a walk around the school. 
Here are some of the places we visited.
The water tap.

The Dental Clinic

The Office where we met Miss Takerei, Mrs Flavell and Mrs MacMillan.

                              We walked nicely in a line.

We found out which playground we can play on -           The Junior Playground


Cing Cing                                     Antonio

                                          Moimoi                                            Bentley


                        Bonnie                                             Kiko


                                      Moimoi                                                    Mele

                     Moimoi                                          Samuel

It was fun playing in the playhouse too.


After playtime we checked out the different things we can play with in our classroom.
Antonio, Kiko and Moimoi liked playing with the cars.

Cing Cing did lots of drawing.

Brooke, Bonnie and Bentley made delicious cookies with the play dough.

Antonio and Samuel also played with the blocks and dinosaurs.

Kiko and Mele loved dressing up.

Mele also did some painting.

Flynn did some investigating  in our Nature Nook.

We had lot of fun today!

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