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Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Dream A Little - Manaiakalani Film Festival

Room 19 has been dreaming a little. Here is our movie for the 2017 Manaiakalani Film Festival.


S. Dwyer said...

Hi Room 19,

We loved all your dreams. You all had different, big dreams and did a very good job of acting. We thought the fire coming out of the dragon's mouth looked realistic. Thank you for sharing your movie.

From your friends in Room 16

Charlotte Gaston said...

We love your movie Room 19!
Angel loved the clown. Vienna says Aliana was cool. Legacy thought Dwayne made an awesome All Black!
Jireh loved your use of technology. Naomi liked that the kids all dressed up as their dreams.
Thank you for sharing your cool movie with us.

Mr J Toy-Cronin said...

Wow what an awesome film. Well done room 19!

Room 2 said...

Hi Room 19
wow! You movie is so cool. We all like your big dreams. You acted it out very well. God job Room 19.
From Sr 'Evalesi and Room 2 at St Patrick's School.

Chrissy Eadie said...

Hi Room 19. I loved your movie. Don't ever give up on your dreams. Room 15 really enjoyed watching you all act in your first Manaiakalani film. Good job Mrs Squires.

Miss Tumahai said...

Kia ora Room 19 you all look so cute in your movie. Room 26 loved your movie . We loved the super heroes and the pirates. We all hope our dreams are just as exciting as the dreams you guys had. Well done Ms Squires.

Tha Zin said...

This is an amazing film I loved it I did not like it I LOVED IT. This is an awesome video keep up the AWESOME work.

From Tha Zn

Karen Belt said...

Hi Room 19
We loved the imagination that went into your movie and it was really funny. We think your message was to use your imagination and dream big! We loved the costumes that you used.
From Room 30 at Lynmore School, Rotorua

Priscilla Lavakula said...

Hi Room 19.

We thought your movie was funny especially at the end when all the children were wearing costumes and running around. Well done everyone and Ms Squires.

Love from Miss Lavakula and LH1 @ Ormiston Primary School

Shayna said...

Hi room 19

My name is Shayna I am in room three I like it how the two astronouts were brave to go to space.