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Room 19 are a class of 5 year old who have just started school.
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Mighty Mariners

As part of our Immersion Week we got into groups and had to research a particular mariner Ms Squires gave us. Our groups had to create animations and a movie to show the rest of the class what we had found out about them.

Christopher Columbus by Waata, Crusader, Gabriel and Kingston.

Cheng Ho by Oshania, Chante and Ashleigh


regan said...

Hi your voice was so clear i could hear you.

From Regan

Mrs Lagitupu said...

Hello Room 15

I really enjoyed watching your movies on PENN about the mighty mariners that you have been learning about. You looked fantastic in your costumes and having different backgrounds made your movies more exciting to watch. Great acting too.

Mrs Lagitupu

Len said...

Mighty Mariners....

My name is Len and I'm a Teacher in Oregon, USA. I am very impressed with your impressions and re-creation of Christopher Columbus. You made great use of artistic abilities through acting, technology, artwork and explanation. This experience for you should make what you learned stay with you forever.

Thanks for sharing!

Paul said...

Hi room14 I love your video you rock my world room14 I love it. What will you be lerning next in your class?
love from Paul