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Room 19 are a class of 5 year old who have just started school.
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Smart and Legal

This is a movie about being cyber smart by Vivienne, Chante, Ashleigh and Osana. It is about being smart and legal.


Elizabeth Cecil said...

Wow Osana you did a really great job in making that movie. you sure make a really good effort in that movie.
Keep up the good work you guys.

Anonymous said...

We have been learning about doing the right thing on he internet too. You did a great job explaining the rules around downloading music. We are in Wellington it was great you put this on your blog so we can see it too

Laita said...

Hi Room 18,
It's me again Laita. I think so to be smart while you are on your netbooks because some people find it is tempting to go on games or download music when you should be doing your work. Once again keep up the good work!!!ROOM 18

Falefehi said...

Wow room 18,
what a graet moive you,ev made,
I hope I see more in the future.
By Falefehi