Who We Are

Room 19 are a class of 5 year old who have just started school.
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Art Alive

In term 2 we had an art focus. Our task was to think of a special place, either at school or some place else. We had to take photos of our special place trying to be creative - showing different perspectives and viewpoints. From our photos we took we had to choose the one we liked the best then create an artwork using a particular artist as our model. We had to paint trying to use the same techniques, colours, textures and style.
Here is a slideshow of our finished work.


reremoanaroom132012 said...

Hello Room 18,
I really like the art that you guys did.I think that you are some really talented children.I also liked your art focus and how you blend the colors together to make a really good effect.
Your art leads me to my classes artwork that we did.It was about Vincent Van Gogh's painting on Starry Night.You should go and check it out.Hope to hear from you soon.
From: Veni

Cavhyon said...

Nice post guys laters.

Laita said...

Hello Room 18,
I really like the art that you guys did. But if you have enough confidence and strive to succeed then maybe your art work might end up in a gallery some day? Who knowns? But anyway I really like your guys work Keep up the good work!!!ROOM 18


Cavhyon said...