This term our school's topic is called Active Earth. We have been learning all about what the Earth is made of and how volcanoes, earthquakes and tsunami's happen. Chante, Raenan and Vivienne wrote a script for a movie explaining all about what they have found out about the Earth so far. Here is their movie.


From MrJ's Desk said...

What a very creative way to inform us of what the earth is made up of and how earthquakes and volcanoes happen. I thought your acting was very believable and the script was well written. Nice tight camera angles too. There was lots of variation to the screen image as well.

kayla said...

Wow that was a great movie and I learnt alot of facts about earth and it's layers . The acting was great and keep up the good work .


Miss Lavakula said...

Well done Vivienne, Chante and Professor Garcier!! Your movie was really cool, we liked how you explained and used props and animations to explain what you've found out in class. Sounds like you have been learning a lot. Well done.

Miss Lavakula and Room 10