Our Cool Trip To One Tree Hill

The other week Rooms 14, 15, 16, 17 and 18 went on a trip to one of Auckland's many volcanoes, One Tree Hill. Here is Ashleigh's recount of the day.

I just remembered that today we were going to go to One Tree Hill.We went to One Tree Hill because long ago one tree hill was a volcano. Luckily it wasn't raining because we would have been soaking wet. Suddenly we all went on the bus ready to go to one tree hill. Then we arrived.
The classes were all going to go to three types of places at different times. One place was the learning centre the two other places were when we played a game and when we climbed up the mountain. First my group went to the leaning centre to learn more about how volcanoes are formed and lot more information. One of the things that I learnt was that One Tree Hill has been around for about 20 000 years. As soon as I heard that I said "Wow that is a long time". Right after that we got to see a movie that showed us what one tree hill looked like when it erupted. Eventually we finished our lesson and it was time that we were going to climb the mountain.

It was a hard time while trying to get up but I managed to do it. Before I knew it I was on the top of the mountain. I was proud of myself because I had got this far. So we all had a little rest. Now we were all ready to go down. As soon as we got down we got to the down and ate our lunch. After we ate our lunch we all played a game called Capture the Flag while waiting for the bus to come.The bus came and we were ready to go back to school.

I had fun going to One Tree Hill. I hope when you go there you will have fun.
The End

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Amy said...


My name is Amy and I am studying to become a teacher in the United States. Your day at One Tree Hill sounds like a lot of fun! I remember playing capture the flag when I was young. The part where you used a quotation to explain and give emotion to your writing really drew me into your story. Thank you for sharing your writing!