Iron Brian by Litia

"Miss Squires what are those people doing making hamburgers?" I asked suspiciously as I looked at the people sizzling patties. Right after that Miss Squires got everyone to line up. We were going to the hall.
When we got there we sat down and just waited. I could hear everyone chattering with excitement. Suddenly everyone all went silent as a man came running up the aisle and jumped up onto the stage."Hi guys" he shouted. We all shouted back at him saying hi. It sounded like there was a big lion roaring. After the loud noise died down the man introduced himself and said that his name was Eddie. After that another person came onto the stage. Her name was Sarah. Eddie told us that they were playing hide and seek with Iron Brian. "Who is that"? I asked smiling. After that we shouted and made as much noise as we could, suddenly a man dressed up in a suit with a really fat head jumped out from the side of the stage. I got a fright. It was Iron Brian. Then he revealed where he was hiding. Iron Brian told us that he was hiding behind the girls toilets."Ooh" all the boys said. Finally they told us exactly why they were here. It was because we were going to learn about the good meats to eat.
So they had about four or five big cards that were facing ore backwards on the stage. As soon as they were finished explaining Sarah turned over the first card. It had a picture of Iron Brian saying meat and meat alternatives. After that Iron Brian told us that red meats were better than white meats. Red meats are better because they have more iron. The red meats are steak and beef and other things like that. But the white meats are fish and chicken.
When Sarah flipped over the next card it said fruit and vegies. I like fruit but I'm not that crazy about vegies. My least favourite vegetable is beans. But I don't hate every vegetable. If I have to choose a favourite I would say carrots. They are nice and juicy.
Anyway the next card was dairy products. So that included milk,youghurts and cheese. Dairy food is very good for you because it has calcium which makes your bones strong.
And finally the last card was of course cereals and bread, that is one of the the things that we can eat in the morning. That was the last card I was getting tired. But then we had to get up and do a dance. I let out a loud sigh and stood up. First we learnt the dance and then we did it with music. When we learnt it we were split into groups and had a little competitition.
Finally the show was over, there was still one more surprise. Everyone was going to get free burgers. Yummy!!! So we got up and went outside to get our burgers. They were delicious. I hope Iron Brian comes again.


Makeirta said...

Hi Litia,
That sounds like fun. Well it was actually fun because I was on the stage dancing. It was so embarrasing . Keep up the good work.
From Rita.

S McPherson said...

We are so excited to see your blog. Thanks for sharing.