Gabriel Rugby Academy

On Friday the 3rd of June we had some people come from the rugby academy. Their names were Villi, Michael, T, Sam, John and one more of their mates whose name I don't know. We had Michael and Villi to train with while the others went to train with the other classes.

First we did some relays where we had to move the ball around our body and under our legs. Starford's team won most of them. (They were team three). Our next activity we did was just normal running relays. After that we did some more running relays but this time when we got to the cones we had to do five star-jumps. Waata cheated because he just went up and down.

Groups 1 and 2 then had to join lines to play a game called pass the boxing bag. Groups 3 and 4 had to do the same. We were having so much fun as we passed the boxing bag along the line. I was at the end of the line and I had to run back with it. It was quite heavy and difficult to run with. Versing Starford was hard because he is one of the strongest in the class and he is the fastest.

Villi then taught us a new game called run around. Run around is a game where you have to run around until Michael calls out a number. Sprinting as fast as we could you had to look for that number in a group like if he calls out three, you have to get into groups of three. We played two games. The winners of the first game were Rita and Oshania. The winners of the second game was Starford and Kobe.

The next game we played was bull rush. In the first game Starford and Mary were in and the second game Kobe and Rita were in. They had to choose a colour and if we had that colour we had to try make it to the other end. The winner of the first game was Te Rina. The winners of the second game were Oshania and Me.

Next we had to say goodbye to the Rugby Academy people because we had to give the other rooms a turn to train. We then went on to the bottom field to play touch and have some more fun. The people who didn't do their homework had to sit down by the edge of the playground. Eventually we had a turn to play with only 5 minutes to go.

What a fun day we had with the Rugby Academy people come and visit. I wish they could come and visit again because I play for the school and want some more tips about playing rugby.


Mrs Clarke said...

That was a detailed report you wrote, Gabriel. I could imagine what it was like from your writing.

cmcgugart said...

Gabriel, hi, Chris from New York City, sports are one of the best activities to be involved in with school. I played American football and wrestled in through middle and high school. You make friends, stay in shape and it really does help you stay focused on school as well. Besides completing a detailed report, I hope that the rugby academy sparks your interest in sports as well.

Gabriel said...

Hey Chris, thank you for commenting on my Rugby Academy. You should of been there but unfortually you are in New York. So just thank you.


Teacher Amy said...


My name is Amy and I am a graduate student in America. I am working to become a teacher and found your blog post very interesting! I think you provided your readers with great details about your rugby academy experience. Not only was this a fun experience for you but it sounds like you were able to pick up some handy tips to use on your own. I thought it was interesting when described the rugby games and how you had to be quick thinkers while also participating in a physical activity. Do you find sport games like this easy? I would love to hear more about the rules of rugby and your personal experiences playing the game!