Alert!! Eruption!!

This term for Active Earth we have been learning all about volcanoes. In groups we wrote storyboards, scripts, made animations and acted to make a movie showing the scenario of an Auckland volcano erupting. We had lots of fun making these although some of us were still madly trying to get them finished even on the last day of term.
Check them out and let us know what you think.

Litia, Ashleigh, Vivienne, Shoal


Gloria said...

WOW!!! Great movie. You all have clear voices so that is really good. Keep up the good work. Hope to see more things on your blog. You should really star in the real One News because you've got talent.

Class 4-508 said...

Litia, Ashleigh, Vivienne, Shoal:

My name is Ms. McGaw and I'm a 4th grade teacher in New York City. I want you to know that you did an
EXCELLENT job!!!!! You all did a wonderful job explaining to the "world" about what happened to the volcano!

Your voices were clear and your pictures really showed what could happen if a volcano erupted. I like the way that you showcased someone that was involved and hospitalized, also very real!

The more you are on camera, the easier it will be, practice makes perfect!! Keep up the great work...I think you may need to fly to New York to teach my students how to be a newscaster!!

Ms. Seifert said...

Litia, Vivienne, Shoal, and Ashleigh,
My name is Ms. Seifert, and I am a graduate student at Pacific University in Forest Grove, Oregon, studying to get my Masters in teaching.
I appreciated that your explanation of volcanic eruptions were thorough, clear, and easy to follow and understand! Thank you for your video!

Ms. Surerus said...

Litia, Ashleigh, Vivienne, Shoal:

My name is Ms. Surerus. I am studying to be a teacher in the United States. I live in Oregon.
We looked at your blog and videos in class today and I have to say that I'm so impressed with what you have done. It must have taken a lot of time and effort to create those videos.
Now that I've seen these videos, perhaps I can have my students be newscasters about similar topics.
Keep up the fantastic work!

Ms. Surerus

Ashley said...

Hi! My name is Ashley and I am currenly in the process of becoming a teacher in the United States. I love learning about science, especially VOLCANOES!!! You all did such a great job on your video. I really enjoyed the animation at the end...I am going to have to learn how to do that :o) Keep up the good work!!!